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35 thoughts on “Snark!

  1. scottser

    that’s nothing. trump just announced to the entire G7 that doonbeg was in the UK.
    i am outraged

  2. martco


    adults shouting at each other over a small child on a sailboat

    it’s what chitter was made for

    1. Rob_G

      it really is a cesspit – a load of (generally well-educated) people going out of their way to have misunderstandings with one another.

      1. Steph Pinker

        Hahahaha, thanks for the giggle Rob_G!

        As a FG lackey you have found your true metier [at taxpayers expense] regarding social media/ fora when it comes to having ‘misunderstandings’ with anyone in any respect, be they ‘generally well-educated’ or otherwise. You’re so patronising, disingenuous, insulting, ignorant and insensitive towards others in society I’m not surprised you can’t recognise the cesspit within which you live/ think, and the political masters you try to emulate.

  3. V

    Clearly neither Marian or Julia what’s her face have ever *sailed.

    Anyway who says it’s single use
    How sure are they that it hasn’t already been refilled a doz or more times already from the onboard tank

    Savage header btw Broadsheet

    *Bottle floats and zero risk of glass shatter / shards etc

    1. Brother Barnabas

      just an aside, frillz – you shouldn’t really be reusing those single-use bottles

      if you don’t wash them between uses – high risk of bacterial contamination

      if you do wash them between uses – breakdown in the chemical structure of the plastic, so migrating synthetic chemicals (esp BPA) into the water you’re drinking (credibly linked to breast cancer)

        1. Brother Barnabas

          scrub with cold water and a nailbrush if you have to – but, as below, best not use them

      1. shortforbob

        Fairly sure there are many other things that will kill me long before reusing and refilling an ordinary plastic bottle with tap water, but if you got any serious science links please do post them.

      2. V

        Is there anything safe

        What about if I rinse out the sucky bit at the top Bruddar

        Ah here
        Do you know what I think
        I think yere just inventing stuff to kill me

          1. Batty Brennan

            The underlying report says:


            We swabbed three water bottles for each different type of water bottle (screw-top, slide-top, squeeze-top, and straw-top) for a total of 12 swabs. Each water bottle had been used by an athlete for a week without being washed.

            EmLab P&K performed all laboratory testing.”

            Emphasis mine.


          2. Brother Barnabas

            what you do with your bottles is fundamentally a matter of personal choice, B9 – and I’ve no wish to p1ss on your hobbies, but if you’re sticking it up your hole, youd want be avoid anything containing phthalates. so that old ballygowan bottle isn’t a great choice. ideally go for pure silicone or hard ABS plastic. apparently there are some novel options in glass, metal, and even stone and ceramic these days. a whole world of choice out there.

  4. bisted

    …so pleased that Greta and her generation have taken over from the dreadful greens…stolen words like the other dreadful language thieves…

    1. V

      And I’m thrilled it’s Greta that’s headline news rather than some xfactor love island sex tape get famous quick reality here’s one I made earlier TV creation

      1. Cathal

        That’s when this distraction is over, her, a soapstar, one of Trump’s ex wives, Tommy Robinson ,the ginger one from the Chase and Philip Scofield in an eco village on a sunny island,

        1. V

          I wouldn’t mind that meself

          I’d love to do the Jungle one

          You’ll have to throw in a commonwealth silver medal winner in something too
          Maybe a retired footballer

          And someone’s son or daughter or dad

  5. Clampers Outside

    What has she said that hasn’t been said before…. anyone?

    Is now a good time to mention the two sailors flying (you know, on a plane with all the fumes and stuff) to New York to return the boat? …what was that about a zero-something trip?

    Can we have the adults talking to the scientists and so on, and get passed the publicity stunts, thanks.

  6. Scundered

    Also worth remembering some single use plastics can be used over and over. I keep the same plastic bottle for hiking with, had it several years now, no reason why they should be single use.

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