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This morning/afternoon.

Glasgow, Scotland.

Greta Thunberg leads climate change rally as young activists march through Glasgow (Evening Standard)


Via Reuters:

Greta Thunberg and fellow youth campaigners struck a sceptical tone for this week’s climate talks in Italy, saying much has been promised but little done to tackle global warming in almost three decades since the landmark Earth Summit.

Monday: How Dare Goo


This morning.

Unclear if winter power outages will occur, says Ryan (RTÉ)

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Saturday’s Guardian magazine.

The Transformation of Greta Thunberg (The Guardian)




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Young environmentalists, above from left: Roisín Shallow, Katherine Orobcenko and Jamie-Lee Donohoe from Crumlin YouthReach  who won the ECO-Health and Well-Being Award last year

This morning.

Unidentified location, Dublin.

The launch of the Unesco-backed  2021 Young Environmentalist Awards taking place on May 26 where 66 environmental ideas by youth groups across the country will be ajudged by panel of experts to be the greenest.

We’re calling them ‘The Gretas’.


How dare us.

Photocall ireland

She’s back!

This afternoon.

Berlin, Germany.

Thunberg, who along with other activists delivered Merkel a letter with 125,000 signatures calling on leaders to do more to cut emissions, said people should “step put of their comfort zones” and be brave enough to tackle the problem.

“We told her we face a climate emergency,” Thunberg said of the meeting with Merkel. “We want leaders to step up and treat this as an emergency,” she said at a press conference.

Greta Thunberg Is Back and Telling Merkel to Declare Climate Emergency (Bloomberg)


This morning.

Prince Harry’s candid views came during two revealing conversations with hoaxers posing as Swedish climate activist Greta and her father Svante in calls on New Year’s Eve and January 22…..

…even when the chats became bizarre, including when fake ‘Greta’ talks about an arranged marriage to six-year-old Prince George and the need to move penguins to the North Pole, Harry doesn’t appear concerned and keeps chatting.

The prince also claimed Mr Trump had ‘blood on his hands’ over his climate credentials and labelled the British political system ‘broken’. He said the world was being run by ‘some very sick people’

Prince Harry reveals his agony about Megxit in phone call with a FAKE Greta Thunberg (Mail Online)

Thanks Jack Jones

US President Donald Trump and Greta Thunberg at Davos, Switzerland

This morning.

Davos, Switzerland.

“It feels like the climate and environment is a hot topic now. But from another perspective virtually nothing has been done. Without treating this as a real crisis we cannot solve it.”

Climate activist Greta Thunberg


“We must reject the perennial prophets of doom.This is not a time for pessimism. This is a time for optimism.”

US President Donald Trump


Davos 2020: Donald Trump hails US recovery and UK trade deal hopes – day one live (Guardian)

Greta Thunberg: ‘Nothing has been done’ to tackle the climate crisis (CNN)