P-P-Pick Up A Subsidy?



UPDATE: not so fast (see comments)

Pearson PLC?

18 thoughts on “P-P-Pick Up A Subsidy?

  1. Pavel

    There was funding of €85,000 in 2018 to Tramp Press, the 1st publisher of this book in Ireland, for “support to independent publisher of fiction, creative non-fiction and rediscovered works”. Nothing to do with Pearson. All Arts Council funding decisions are made public so will have to get your outrage fix somewhere else this morning…

  2. eoin

    I don’t know why the Arts Council is providing funding for a book. Maybe the same reason the Irish Film people give away our money for mega budget films including those made by the world’s biggest producers, or the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland provides funding to big Irish TV producers, or the government gives tax breaks to “investors” in Hollywood films with dodgy [as claimed by Mel Gibson and others] Irish connections, or the Arts Council gives barrowloads of money to the Abbey theatre to put on English plays.

    Or, or, and this is the best one, why the government, through the licence fee, gives Ryan Tubridy at loss-making RTE, €495,000 a year (excluding the royalties he gets for any book which exploits the show he presents).

  3. Free Comment

    Taking liberties with funding facts…

    More importantly why does the EU continue to subsidise little Irish beef/dairy farmers? Is it to give Mairead McGuinness a job?

  4. Shane Duffy

    Ah, Liberties Press, the writers’ friend, who are about to unleash on the world an unpublished and unfinshed JP Donleavy novel, “edited” (I use the word lightly) by its editor. Donleavy would be turning in his grave if it weren’t for his jodhpers.

  5. Papi

    So this is an eoin fact. Seems legit if you skim over it but the slightest real look at it shows it to be utter fabrication.
    Good to know.

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