13 thoughts on “The Four Clamps

      1. B9Com From No

        The build up is very low key so far
        I guess most people think that’s a good thing

  1. Clampers Outside

    Down with this sorts thing, showing photographs of the dead, and making funny pun headlines!

    ….sniff :(

    1. Clampers Outside

      …never mind, I got a good lol out of ‘P in Pool’ and have forgotten about this already :0p’

      1. some old unicorn

        You could just get your act together and give us some instructions as how to do likewise?

        Two lines of text- not a fifteenth minute self promoting YouTube obvs- unless you still getting down with the kids on 10 chan?

        1. B9 Com From No

          It’s amazing how, with one or two notable exceptions, how much more pleasant the comments are latterly

          1. Clampers Outside

            Except for some old unicorn’s above, clearly.
            Got a twitchy trigger that lad… pity ’bout him.

          2. B9 Com From No

            I was referring more to you and that nigel fella’s absence along with rotide
            you guys were truly toxic

          3. Clampers Outside

            Oh, I’m not absent, I’m very much still here enjoying the site, with a little less interaction ;)

        2. some old unicorn

          Ah Clamps I was messin- but seriously I’d love to know- I mean do you need a grinder or is there another way of doing it?

          I do have some sympathy for the clampers mind- they are usually paid by the clamp but some do engage in sharp practices.

          Clamping is illegal in Scotland of course- and they manage just fine.

          1. Clampers Outside

            Sorry for the misunderstanding SOU.
            I wouldn’t know about cuttin’ clamps off in fairness, sure I’m still on the L licence myself :0)

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