Why Cycle Alone?


Think about it.

How many wheel friends have you got?

This afternoon.

Via Axa:

Cycling Ireland has partnered with AXA Insurance to create AXA Community Bike Rides, an exciting new programme that inspires people all over the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland to get out on their bikes.

AXA Community Bike Rides are free social leisure rides for adults of all ages and abilities. A trained Ride Leader will ensure your cycle is both safe and enjoyable. Participants can choose from ‘Easy Going’ or ‘Challenging’ rides meaning there is a distance and pace to suit everyone….

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Cycling Ireland

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10 thoughts on “Why Cycle Alone?

  1. eoin

    This is very poor judgement by Cycle Ireland.

    Axa is being investigated for cartel behaviour in Ireland where it has 18% of the total insurance market. Axa is also making customers pay through the nose for cover while making massive profits.

    This might be a good initiative but I’ll be fupped if I’ll be associated with a feel-good venture being financed by Axa.

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