Other people!

This morning.

Westgate Business Park, Ballymount, Dublin.

Virgin Media presenters at the launch of Virgin Media’s new television schedule for Autumn Winter.

More as we get it.

From top: Kerri Quinn (Corrie) and Glenda Gilson; Muireann O’ Connell and Martin King; Elaine Crowley; from left: Alan Quinlan, Sinead Kissane and Joe Molloy; The cast of Darklands; Yewande Biala (Love Island); Group shot.

Leah Farrell/RollingNews

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12 thoughts on “Anything On?

  1. Mike

    Well that’s depressing.
    Basically, men of any age and type.
    But only women of a certain age and type.
    These are images for the sole purpose of publicity – how can so many eye’s look at this in advance and still release it??

    1. Termagant

      Women of a certain age – anywhere between early twenties and late thirties – and type – ranging from somewhat to quite attractive

      Someone call Interpol, we’ve got a hate crime here

  2. eoin

    Well, what can you say? We’re not forced to pay a licence fee for it.

    Thanks to the BAI not bothering to scrutinise it, most of the programming is cheap ITV imports, particularly quiz shows, with the odd BBC drama thrown in.

    It’s good on international sports, including the Six Nations. Mostly because it’s pooling the rights, and loss-making RTE has to trim its sports budget so it can pay for Ryan Tubridy’s €495,000 annual fees (before clothing/grooming allowance and excluding book royalties which peripherally exploit RTE shows, and of course all of Ryan’s extracurricular stuff).

    The TV3 news coverage is generally pitiful. They do have Gavan Reilly on Twitter though.

    Yes, it’s infuriating to see Vincent Browne’s show become little more than a reputation laundering mess, but then again, what is the rival licence-fee funded Marian Finucane show these days? Same PR people, same covert agendas.

    And is that Glenda Gilson there at the back? Jebus, what age does she say she is now?

    1. V

      Ahhhh Stop

      My face is aching laughing now
      I won’t get a bit done this afternoon

      You’re firing out gags there the way Eoin lashs up newsie story stuff

      Did you have a boozie lunch there Ian’oh

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