Do Something, Ma’am


Now he needs the monarchy.


Brexit: Speaker John Bercow calls parliamentary suspension ‘constitutional outrage’ – live (The Guardian)

Corbyn demands to see the Queen! Labour leader explodes over Boris’ proroguing move (Express)

Earlier: Suspenseful


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24 thoughts on “Do Something, Ma’am

      1. Batty Brennan

        They provide metadata at the close of these surveys showing aggregated geolocation of votes.

          1. Batty Brennan

            Just tipped over the 600k mark.

            It’s interesting watching the realtime map develop. The sheep farming areas have adopted a distinctive orange hue, which is notable since they are sparsely populated.

            Also interesting the number of Conservative homeland constituencies going dark orange and red.

  1. scottser

    queenie doesn’t care about democracy – she only cares about the preservation of the monarchy.

  2. martco

    this erm unfortunate business with your son…
    well we received a call yesterday from someone at GCHQ…
    maam it seems rather unfortunately that the chaps down there are apparently in possession of some kind of tape..
    if you would be so kind as to simply sign off this paperwork I can assure you that I will put the matter to (ahem) bed so to speak”

    *imaginary convo in best BBC English at the Saxe-Coburg gaff earlier

  3. some old queen

    My husband and I, and the children- the one who talks to trees- the one who shags anything with a pulse, the one who thinks she is a horse and the gay one- are NOT amused.

  4. some old queen

    Context is that Johnson has a father and brother who are vocal remainders and he himself is a late convert.

    Farage threatened a constitutional crisis- his words- so now he is standing a Brexit party candidate against every Tory MP in the next election which as it now stands, would destroy the Tories.

    The only option for the HP now is a no confidence vote in which case a hard Brexit becomes the single issue to vote for or against in a general election.

    1. some old queen

      By Nigel I expect you mean Farage- he typing would not expect first names on the internet.

      Where are you commenting from btw?

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