You May Fund This


Feeling philanthropic?

We sure hope so as Wexford-based singer/songwriter Carol Keogh (top) is looking to crowdfund her next double album The Wolf Chronicles via the indiegogo website (details below).

Having sang with The Plague Monkeys, Autamata, Side4 Collective and her own band The City Fathers, Carol will be recording under the name The Wicc for this project.

Nick says: Go fund her!

The Wicc : The Wolf Chronicles – album campaign (Indiegogo)

Carol Keogh

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2 thoughts on “You May Fund This

  1. LiamZero

    And don’t forget she was lead singer with The Tycho Brahe (later rebranded Tychonaut). Their debut This Is was one of the best albums of its era, still gets regular spins in our house.

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