Urination Once Again



Dublin city centre.

Thanks Conor


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8 thoughts on “Urination Once Again

    1. Qwerty123

      The blueshirts do not like open air urination alright, I think it stems from Michael Collins stopping for a quick pee at beal na blath in 1922

  1. Chris

    I was unlocking my bike in front of Dunnes on Georges Street yesterday at 9am- two addicts were swapping over the begging spot and overheard the incoming one say he had just come from “down there” and was pointing down towards Dame St direction and he just “made” €57 euro in an hour there. I’m sure that people think that they are helping by giving them some money but all you are doing is putting money in the criminal drug gang’s hands from via these unfortunates.

  2. Rob_G

    And people are wondering why permission for an injection centre smack-bang in the middle of town was rejected…

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