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Artist’s impression of the site for the €22m white water course at George’s Dock on the North Quays , Dublin given the green light last week by Dublin City Council

Who really wants to go white water rafting in the city?

Sarah Maria Griff tweetz::

i have a scalding hot take on the white water rafting thing.

The fact of it costing €50 a head has revealed the true purpose of the folly: it’s not even for tourists. it’s ‘for’ tech companies having team building days and offsites. it explains the location and the cost.

Like everything in Dublin right now: including the hotels, all strange new roads lead back to tech. the hotels are for ~ conferences right?

This weird new monument to bullshit in the docks? An extravagant playground for our city’s most importantest people: tech folks.

i know this sounds left of field but i think it’s the key to the wild price and the central location and the sheer stupidity of the undertaking.

‘Who wants to go white water rafting?’ tech companies trying to entertain their staff. fifty euro a head is within that kinda budget.

All roads of change in Dublin lead back to the presence of tech giants here. it was the same when i left San Francisco in 2015: the rent, the neighbourhoods being renamed on Google maps, surging homelessness contrasted with childlike pleasure attractions opening all the time.

And you might think ‘Nah, Dublin City Council wouldn’t realistically build a €22m white water rafting center in the middle of Dublin during a homelessness crisis just for tech companies right?

But think about ‘Who Dublin is for?’ Now as a query. Who is wanted here?


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Thanks Tomas

Dublin’s Google Docks in the Grand Canal Dock; extract from Department of Justice submission explaining why Data Protection Commission should be only ‘partially included’ in the Freedom of Information Act

Journalist Ken Foxe tweetz:

If you ever wondered why there is such incredible levels of secrecy surrounding the Data Protection Commissioner, arguably Ireland’s most important state agency. They need to be able to provide “guarantee of absolute confidentiality” to the giant tech firms based in Ireland.

The above is an extract from a Dept of Justice submission explaining why Data Protection Commissioner should be only “partially included” in the Freedom of Information Act.

Will post the full record to @Thestoryie later on.

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