And I Would Rather Be Anywhere Else But Here Today


From top: Oliver Cromnwell (left), Boris Johnson; Fine Gael Minister for Communications, Climate Action and Environment Richard Bruton and Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation Heather Humphries at Dublin Castle this afternoon


This afternoon.

Further to yesterday’s tweet by Minister of State Michael D’Arcy that Boris Johnson’s decision to seek a suspension of the House of Commons was the “most anti-democratic” decision by a prime minister since Oliver Cromwell established a “protectorate government” in the 1600s.

Ireland’s business minister Heather Humphreys said: “First of all, minister D’Arcy has removed that tweet. As far as we are concerned, we are not going to comment on internal British politics.”

The Irish communications Richard Bruton, another member of the Fine Gael party, said: “We are not going to get involved in British politics because they have a lot of decisions to make.”

Brexit: Irish minister compares Boris Johnson to Oliver Cromwell over suspension of parliament (The

Michael D’Arcy slapped down by Helen McEntee for comparing Boris Johnson to Oliver Cromwell (

Earlier: A Limerick A Day


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26 thoughts on “And I Would Rather Be Anywhere Else But Here Today

  1. postmanpat

    “First of all, minister D’Arcy has removed that tweet. As far as we are concerned, we are not going to comment on internal British politics.” (?) FIRST of all Heather, removing tweets that have already been seen and reported on doesn’t mean they didn’t happen. As far as I’M Concerned.. you-a-stupid !

  2. eoin

    Michael D’Arcy – what that American lad you had on yesterday might accurately call a “boob”

    Cromwell is a hero to many Brits and with many holding out for a strongman, comparing Bojo to Cromwell just plays into their hands as well as telling the Brits that we Irish hate Bojo’s guts. Eejit.

    Of less fleeting interest though is the 40,000-member Momentum movement (part of the Labour party) has called for “street protests and road blockades to stop what it calls a coup.”

    Road blockades will trigger a policing response which will trigger rioting which will trigger looting. Coming to you this Saturday in Glasgow, Leeds, Liverpool, London, Manchester, Newcastle, Nottingham, Oxford, Sheffield and York [and, I’ll bet, Birmingham and Cardiff]

      1. eoin

        There is a tiny Labour party in Northern Ireland, not sure Momentum have any NI members.

        But I can imagine the resumption of civil war if there is a pro-democracy rally in Belfast. Frankly, after the unlawful deployment of Border Force at Central railway station last weekend, it mightn’t be such a bad thing to let the PSNI clearly know that there are problems.

  3. eoin

    Also, in the pic above, how can loss-making RTE afford two microphones when Virgin and Newstalk only have one. Is this because loss-making RTE has one political journalist for every minister [33 in total]?

    1. paul

      after everything the RTE secret producer revealed, I’m not surprised.

      there may even be a third waiting in the wings getting time and a half in case a wrist gets tired.

    2. edalicious

      Redundancy. You use two in case one packs in at a key moment. Highly unlikely but it does happen.

    3. eoin

      Despite its two microphones, a Google search for news “Michael Darcy Cromwell” in the past 24 hours shows news results for the Irish Times, Indo, BelTel, London Indo and a host of other news sites which Michael is correctly shown as “Michael D’arcy” [apostrophe between “D” and “a”]


      nothing on RTE. There is an online RTE story but you have to be very specific about searching for Michael *D’arcy* and I don’t think RTE news on either radio or TV is reporting this story.

      Is RTE putting on the Green Jersey to suppress a story that’s embarrassing for Ireland? Not at all, it’s more fake news for RTE like its omission in reporting the publication of the National Broadband Plan report on Tuesday. However, as we are now learning, RTE doesn’t regard the non-reporting of something as fake news even when all rival domestic and many international media organisations are publishing it.

      Why is RTE being so sucky towards this government and Richard Bruton? You mean the government and Richard Bruton without whose intervention RTE won’t financially last another 18 months? It’s not exactly a headscratcher, is it.

  4. V


    Well D’Arcy you just made the DUP’s day
    Ur’Leen will be promising you a Baron of something

  5. Kevin Higgins

    Leaving Stan and Ollie out of it, I can’t decide if it’s because most Ministers look completely clapped out or that so many journalists look about 12, that produces such a startling contrast

    1. martco

      “..because most Ministers look completely clapped out..”
      that’s what years of comfortable trough dwelling will do to ya

      on the business itself…
      stupid emotive commentary like this all plays into their hands & I’d say a lot worse is to come…

      I think Dominic Cummings is constructing a chaos situation which will serve Bojo & Rees-1837 very very well & everyone is falling for it.

  6. Ron

    Surprise, surprise. Daw jawed politician makes a comment equivalent to their low intellectual ability. Elect stupid people, expect stupid prizes.

    In the meantime, Ireland moves closer towards no deal Brexit without any Irish Government formulated plan , even though they have known that this would be the outcome. But Varadkar and the rest of his merry band of incompetents are so busy reading from the EU prepared script, they don’t care about any of that. It doesn’t effect them and even if they were well intentioned, they lack the actual brain power and skill to actually formulate a plan. Pathetic.

      1. Ron

        Well the Irish electorate elected him. That’s what they voted for. That level of intellectual sludge. That’s the type of people you are

    1. scottser

      there’s only one thing for it ron – you’re going to have to run for election yourself. it’s the only way. I can even see your posters now – you and leo in a remake of when ted kicks bishop brennan up the @rse.
      i hear the money’s good too.
      what about it ron?

      1. V

        This is it Scottie
        The Writ for four by-elections has to be moved any day now

        Is it € 500 and a few signatures to get on the ballot

  7. GiggidyGoo

    What’s obvious in all of this is, is that not one of our TDs have a clue about
    – what’s coming down the line
    – how to deal with it

    They could hide behind gallant phrases such as ‘cast iron’ ‘bulletproof’ for a year. Now that it’s coming to a head, what we have is our foreign minister visiting smaller EU countries and begging them to ‘pretty please’ support good old Ireland, as he sees the big boys get the ‘for sale’ signs printed up. No sign of Varadkar.

    All the hallmarks of FF when the scheisse hit the fan a decade ago. Missing in action. Summer holidays.

    1. B9 Com From No

      We’re going where the sun shines brightly
      We’re going where the sea is blue.
      We’ve all seen it on the movies,
      Now let’s see if it’s true.

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