A Limerick A Day


Protests in Westminster, London last night calling for the British parliament not to be suspended

Now Boris has said to the Queen
That he can’t stand the Westminster scene
So could he please take
A month or so’s break
And then let the Commons convene

John Moynes

Pic: Getty

20 thoughts on “A Limerick A Day

          1. Rob_G

            That’s fair enough; but if the earliest example we can think of is from 20 years ago, I’m not sure how accurate B9’s comment about “jumped up ruling class rugby scrotes” is…

          2. Qwerty123

            I think it was a dig at the schools they went to, I would imagine. Rugby playing schools bad, Salt of da earth GAA playing schools good etc etc. The usual nonsense

          3. B9 Com From No

            It’s at neither the schools themselves nor indeed the sports either – rugby is very enjoyable to watch when played by the Welsh, formerly the French, or some of the old All Blacks, these days it’s become a bit tedious for me, and a bit like gridiron.

            The founders of the GAA played both rugby and cricket – incidentally, so it’s not posturing on that side either.

            Unfortunately it’s more of the class of people that rugby attracts these days, rugby has become the unfortunate domain of the furtive West Brit and royal-watcher middle class overtly aspirational scrote, who in previous generations would have been infatuated with Lady Diana

  1. francois

    the Johnson government is carrying out the democratic prerogative of the British electorate. A coup is being attempted but it’s by those who are trying to frustrate that will

    1. Rob_G

      Right, so he is suspending democratic institutions for the good of democracy?

      – this is really some next-level doublespeak, right here…

          1. Papi

            Nope, I can tell david a mile off, francois is a new and interesting specimen, and can spell prerogative, so david is out.
            He could be Boris Johnson though, the froggy name might be a deliberate red herring.

    2. scottser

      no, he isn’t carrying out the ‘democratic prerogative of the british electorate’. what he’s doing is illegal, and he will be stopped by the courts.

  2. Increasing Displacementg

    This constant “will of the people” bullpoo

    The people were lied to and bought it.

    This also happened in Germany and more recently in the US causing major wars.

    1. some old queen

      Indeed and if a no deal does actually happen- what sort of ugly wildlife is waiting in the wings to launch itself among the chaos?

    2. Clampers Outside

      Yet, years later and knowing the facts the people have not changed minds and the country is still split…. and that is the reality.

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