39 thoughts on “Cherish These Moments

  1. V

    3 down there look
    The Bull is smuggy mac smug pose ha ha t’wasn’t me that was all human
    And the Retriever is going Has that little spoilt b1t(h got me into trouble here

    btw I share
    1 x 100s
    2, 4, 5 and 9

    Terrible pity that green projectile evil vomit didn’t get a shot at that man-bun

    1. B9 Com From No

      re man bun that’s exactly what I was thinking!

      jeez! wt actual f, I’m certain the kid is not his, I was reliably informed that makes you impotent

      Anyway, the dogs surely think the kid is one of their own, don’t they, generally?

      I don’t think they see kids as ‘uman

      1. V

        I’d say he was bouncing the child on his knee and the jar of whatever
        Pea Casserole
        had enough of it

        even the look on the baba’s face is filled with
        I’ll get that manbunion look off your face

  2. Janet, I ate my avatar

    ironically I just listened to my neighbors demonic child all night,
    what’s the accepted Irish way to handle this ?
    in France I could go tell her to pick up her kid maybe in the first half hour of screaming instead of hour four, I’m guessing that won’t work here

    1. Qwerty123

      Does it happen every night? Yes – have a word, No – Child sick, give it a few days, if it persists, say over a week, have a word.

      1. Janet, I ate my avatar

        3 months now…. I’m loosing my mind, they must have noise cancelling headphones

        1. V

          How old is the baby Janie?

          over 9 months under 3 years? (like are they sitting up, holding their own bobby and maybe walking etc)

          Or new born (still floppy and gazing)

          1. V

            Have you seen them out and about with the buggaboo?
            Is the Baba’s cheeks all red and scaldy looking

            If that the case
            Then they’ve no comfort at all
            All the drooling has them permanently in soggy vests
            And with tummy upsets
            And their gums burning

        2. millie vanilly strikes again

          Sounds like colic, the stealer of sleep and sanity and all-round pain in the botty.

          1. Clampers Outside

            No sign of it on wee man, and I thank the world every day after hearing of the absolute horror that is colic! Phew!!!

          2. millie vanilly strikes again

            You jammy bastard. I lost a good 4 months sleep to it, and then my sanity.

    2. B9 Com From No

      opinions vary

      I thought the French habit was generally to ignore screaming children and not baby them?

      Anyway, what some people would do initially, is nothing, then when everything dies down, and you are sure they are all enjoying a solid sleep next door, start churning out Rammstein or my own personal favourite, Ensturzende Neubaten, at volumes approaching or exceeding that of the little darling angel. I’ve heard this is effective in the case of idiots having parties, but not sure if it also extends to the baby issue.

      Alternatively leave out a load of garbage next door, leave the house, and have someone film the ensuing seagull invasion. With a bit of luck they’ll peck the little dears eye out.

      1. Janet, I ate my avatar

        hmm not ignore, more give clear directions of what you expect and consequences when expections aren’t met, but babies vetted soothed rapid, screaming through apartment walls makes you enemies fast,
        years back my neighbor got us all slippers for Christmas..point taken

          1. italia'90

            Is this happening between 12am and 4am by any chance Janet?
            My eldest had the croop when he was a baby, I think for about 3 months or so.
            Absolute nightmare.

          2. italia'90

            Ah I meant to say colic, as mentioned by Ms Vanillie up above.

            My cognitive abilities still haven’t recovered either :)

            But in all seriousness, an 18 month old screaming/crying for 7hrs every night would

            suggest something quite seriously wrong imho.

  3. paul

    good to know what’s ahead of me :)

    I’d add one picture to the above selection, it can be found by Googling ‘the piss drawer’.

    1. B9Com From No

      There was a great piece of fun on dinnytalk yesterday a woman texted in to the child psychology expert that her son was refusing to flush the toilet and hiding his poo on a shelf in the closet instead… imagine finding that I hope she filmed it for his wedding day or when he brings someone unsuitable home

      1. paul

        I heard a similar story from the states. Child being bullied, parents get concerned, they dig deeper before they go in guns blazing, turns out the child refused to wipe after using the bathroom at school and subsequently smelled causing alienation.

        Kids are weird.

    1. Bertie Theodore Alphege Blenkinsop

      Congrats, best thing you’ll ever do, the good far outweighs the bad times.

      1. Pip

        Well said, Bertie. Couldn’t agree more.
        Great feeling of wherever you are, that’s where you want to be.

    2. V

      December JonJo
      what were ya thinking

      If ye’ve any luck ye’ll get to January and get another year at minor

  4. Iwerzon

    ‘It would be ‘asier to have a new one than clean you’ – heard by a mother lifting, by one leg, her child who fell into a barrel of slightly warm tar. True story.

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