Regulating The Childminders


This morning.

Baggott Street, Dublin 2

Minister for Children and Youth Affairs, Dr Katherine Zappone promising ‘up to’ 19,000 childminders will be regulated as she launched the Draft Childminding Action Plan and Public Consultation Process.

It was reported last year almost 90,000 young children are cared for by childminders every day in Ireland but that only 120 childminders are registered with authorities.

Under the new draft childminding action plan to be launched today, support and regulation in the sector will be extended to all paid, non-relative childminders, with a “phased approach” to the reforms.

The childminders will have to be Garda vetted and be trained in first aid. They will also be required to have “bespoke” qualifications, although the department has not yet decided what level these will be at.

Can this possibly end well?

National childcare scheme: Up to 19,000 minders to be regulated (RTÉ)

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18 thoughts on “Regulating The Childminders

  1. Russell Steed

    Surely the Gov. should be trying to make childcare LESS expensive and MORE available. This initiative will do the opposite.

    Anything in the works to reduce childcare costs?

    1. postmanpat

      Of course not. All the waffle is just for more photo opportunity to make this phony seem relevant until the next election cycle. Its ALL Zappone does. Waffle . How does a “Draft” plan warrant press coverage and photo ops? Nothing this woman has ever done has helped parents who use childcare. or victims of clerical abuse /workhouses/ babies in septic tanks. Its a farce. Where did this yolk come from anyway ? She has achieved noting in office as long as I’ve been aware of her. She’s like a character from star trek that appears on the bridge one episode dressed in a crew uniform and the main cast have false memories of her always being there, with her stupid glasses and weird accent. If someone ran up and pulled her rubber mask off and revealed she was actually Kang or Kodos the space mutant I wouldn’t be surprised. “phased approach”?? “bespoke”?? Nanu Nanu!!!

          1. B9 Com From No

            I’d publish it

            Just when you think you’ve heard them all he pulls another one out of the bag

  2. V

    At a recent conference
    I (and my pal & mentor too I suppose, Blanch) were introduced to the concept of a Cooperative Child Care Facility or centre if you like
    Basically it is owned and operated by the parents, who engage professional staff etc
    It’s particular strength is that low income families have an equal stake in it, and also it promises affordable childcare to single parents and allows them work opportunities that they may be denied due to lack of or affordability.

    The model presented was so successful it is now being developed in other locations (rural Canada btw)

    Myself and Blanch (Roynane) have promised ourselves to put something similar together here
    We need to lobby a few people first and get buy in, and its no secret we’re not the most popular people in the Cooperative movement at the moment, but we’ll get something on paper anyway.
    So watch this space I suppose

    Nonetheless, all childcare facilities need to be regulated, likewise with those engaged professionally in them,
    regardless of the legal structure; be they private, franchise, workplace, local standalone, even the lovely lady up the road that take kids in.

      1. V

        And the cash is there to do it
        only real barrier is the drive by Government fed Regulators and Authorities to privatise everything, fund to though private borrowings

  3. eoin

    Are government ministers only doing interviews if they’re not asked about the PSC scandal? In Zappone’s case, children were illegally forced to get PSCs in order to get passports. Has she nothing to say on the matter or is it a taboo subject for journalists?

    1. Cian

      “children were illegally forced to get PSCs in order to get passports”
      really? it was only needed for “first time adult applicants”, not for children.

      More Fake News from eoin

  4. Roger Opinions

    My sister “minds” kids, my neigbour “minds” kids… she and they are being paid and trusted with 2 or more kids or babies a day, up to 4 I think is the weird limit. Talking to my sister it’s such an odd system of available grants and lack of oversight. She told me of a lady who became violent to some children she “minded” and it ended up in court, only because somebody happened to observe it by chance, she was minding some crazy amount of ten I think. Imagine what is happening behind closed doors?

    So many parents have no choice but to place their trust in an unvetted woman up the road (Garda vetted tho). I know my sister has gone on first aid courses and has some qualifications but nobody has really checked up on her in a real way.

    If regulations became too strict and form intensive she would not do it. It’s a catch 22.

    Maybe the government should make child minding a real career option? And not something to help pay for car payments.

  5. Ian-O

    Blah blah blah love.

    Nobody cares, Tusla is broken and you scam the higher level of transport expenses.

    Everything else out of her gob is just blah blah blah, look at me, am I not wonderful?

    No, you’re not.

  6. Jake38

    Endless regulation, endless red tape, endless expense.

    Soon no-one will be able to afford to live in this country.

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