A Man’s World


Why is it that we say that two men rescued a child from drowning, or two men won a Nobel Prize, but we say that two males were arrested for burglary, or two males were brought to hospital after a traffic accident?

Is a man only a “male” when he does something bad or comes to the attention of the emergency services?

Aoife Lord,
Co Meath.


When is a man a male man? (Irish Times letters page)

Pic: Dreamstime

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23 thoughts on “A Man’s World

  1. eoin

    Coz when a male does something good, their ages are publicised.

    When someone is arrested or hospitalised after a crash, their ages aren’t always known for obvious reasons.

    Sorry Aoife, is that “mansplaining”.

    Aoife Lord, ladies and gentlemen, born with a chip on her shoulder, will be changing her name by deed poll to Aoife Lady when she gets a minute.

    1. theo kretschmar schuldorff

      Eoin, you’d be a good man to head up my campaign to ensure everyone uses the suffix ‘00s’ to refer to the first decade of a century and not the whole century.

  2. george

    It is police language that the media echoes. There was a comedy sketch satirising stupid language used by the police, like saying “individual” instead of person. I can’t remember who it was by. “Ma

  3. GiggidyGoo

    10 year old males wouldn’t be classed as men yet. And some 10 year olds are involved in crime.

  4. Declan Farrelly

    It’s a bit like when there is some terrible event and x-amount of ‘Britons’ are among the victims…only time I ever hear this!

  5. Iwerzon

    This reminds me as a young gasún my mother would say to my da ‘YOU’RE son has been lifted by the Brits again’ but when I passed my exams she would say ‘MY son is going to university’.

  6. Murtles

    It all started when the mail males got on their high horses back in 1943 so everyone then started calling them post people and they still weren’t happy. Of course when Malechester United lost the cup in ’45 that added fuel to the fire.

  7. Termagant

    Aoife could you do me a favour and look at yourself witheringly in the mirror for me


  8. Salmon Eile

    Dear Sir

    I noticed that most religious songs in my local church use the word “Amen”.

    I think it is because they are hymns and not hers.

    Yours etc

    Paul Delaney
    Co Dublin

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