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Why is it that we say that two men rescued a child from drowning, or two men won a Nobel Prize, but we say that two males were arrested for burglary, or two males were brought to hospital after a traffic accident?

Is a man only a “male” when he does something bad or comes to the attention of the emergency services?

Aoife Lord,
Co Meath.


When is a man a male man? (Irish Times letters page)

Pic: Dreamstime

Attention, swordsmen of the world. A decade of childless shenanigans awaits you.

It’s called RISUG (reversible inhibition of sperm under guidance) and it’s recently been shown to be 100% effective for a minimum of 10 years with no side-effects and complete reversibility.

The thing that makes RISUG so effective is that it is not a drug, it’s a polymer – a positively-charged polymer to be precise. Sperm, you see, are negatively charged – so when they travel past the polymer as they pass through the vas deferens – they get zapped. Obviously the catch is that the polymer must be injected into the vas deferens via the scrotum – but the 15-minute procedure is probably a lot less painful than it sounds… and much less painful than childbirth.

New Birth Control Treatment For Men is Believed to Be 100% Effective for 10 Years, With a Small Catch (Über Review)

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