Meanwhile, Not At The Picnic


The Loop, a UK-based not-for-profit, provides drug safety testing, welfare and harm reduction services at music festivals across Europe

Iwerzon writes:

Why don’t EP have official drug-testing booths like they do in festivals all over Europe where people can get their drugs tested before they take them making sure they don’t die?


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The Loop?

‘I let my guard down and paid the price’ – EP warning (RTÉ)

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26 thoughts on “Meanwhile, Not At The Picnic

  1. Bort

    Because we’re 20 years in the past, the narcs would be narcing people up out the back door. Narcs!

  2. Johnny Green

    … a land far,far away

    “Cannabis company Moxie will sell single-use cannabis dabs for sale for $10 at Grass Lands, Outside Lands’ fenced-off cannabis section, while KIVA will be offering enhanced chocolates, gummies and mints. In total, 28 cannabis companies will participate in Grass Lands, which will have its own curated stage for comedy, music and cooking. San Francisco’s new regulations governing temporary cannabis sales restrict consumption and sales outside of the Grass Lands area, which will be hidden from visibility from festgoers.”

  3. Louis Lefronde

    Because Ireland is run by a gang of gobpoos? Who were indoctrinated in the 70’s and early 80’s by the propaganda emanating from The War against Drugs. Kids dying due to taking illicit MDMA suits officials… which means they can stay in their solos and not do anything to reduce the harm or indeed regulate drugs to make them safer?

  4. Scundered

    Since when were pure drugs proven to be totally safe? Everyone can react differently. And what’s the legal implications for drug testing area if they declare something fine and someone dies?

  5. A Person

    Yep we really need booths to tell us that your drugs are safe. FFS, don’t effing take them if you think they are not safe. Nope let’s blame the concert organisers, the govt, your parents, everyone but the dodgy drug dealer and you. Grow up!!!

    1. millie vanilly strikes again

      This is a really substandard rant.

      Where’s postmanpat? Or better yet, Ron?

      1. A Person

        why is is a rant or even substandard? People taking illicit drugs should expect a risk surely? But no snowflakes expect someone to test them first? Don’t take them if you suspect that there is a risk. Or lets but really cool and post inane comments on websites.

        1. Riz

          “People taking illicit drugs should expect a risk surely” – they do. There’s nothing wrong with want to reduce that risk. “Don’t take them if you suspect that there is a risk” – people take drugs. Wake up. It’s more effective to advise them not to when you can show them they are about to ingest muck rather than you’re approach which is to say “drugs are bad don’t do them”. Myopic.

        2. millie vanilly strikes again

          Ron, get in here and show this utter joker how it’s done.

          Can you tell I’ve been swimming in a bottle of wine since luncheon?

          1. A Person

            Oh eff right off. I’m a joker to say that you should avoid taking illicit drugs. let me guess, you’re a real liberal who thinks taking them is soooo okay darling. Have you ever been to Merchant’s Quay? Have you ever had a family member who is an addict? Have you listened to the father of the Cork teen who died recently as a result of a so called bad batch – as he said, there is no such thing as a bad batch. But is sooooo coool to take drugs especially at EP!!!! Look at me with my smoking avatar. I’m so with it, I drink wine at luncheon. Anyone who disagrees is a ranter or a joker.

  6. martco

    saw this crowd featured in some BBC music docu a short while ago (some of the analysis was interesting)
    it’s great simple idea, no threats no judgement just straight science answer to the are these yokes ok question

    wondering why it’s not at EP

  7. max

    I wonder what they classify as Safe, I doubt they test the drugs of arsenic cyanide bleach

    unless the idea is that by the time u run the full barrage of tests there will be no drugs left

  8. Salmon Eile

    Electric Picnic? What drugs are they testing for, exactly? Ativan? Complan?

    Florence and the Machine. Jebus H. Kill Me Now.

  9. V

    What happened to the crowd that Johnny Keenan had on the Telly one night
    They test yokes and help out if a lad gets too shook

    Feck, can’t remember the lad’s name,
    He was from Cork, and they were in a pub in Stradbally


  10. DaithiG

    The shades would be all up in your poo in those places in this country to meet their harassment quotas by the end of the month.
    Could you imagine pulling out a yoke and asking is it safe? Some undercover DS in a Ben Sherman shirt and his AV8’s would get nice and feely with your wrists.

  11. Salmon Eile

    How about a tent for bad pints and to check if the drawstring on your relaxed fit LuluLemons is too tight when they get wet? More useful for the EP cohort.

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