Bad Batch And Beyond






On the Garda Laois and Offaly Facebook page, the gardaí wrote:

#ElectricPicnic gates opened at 4pm today and within minutes a number of seizures of illegal drugs have been made. Gardaí are carrying out searches and are reminding people attending that any seizures made will have consequences for the individual. Keeping people safe and free from harm is important. Cocaine, Ketamine, LSD, MDMA have been seized so far today.

Garda Síochána Laois Offaly (Facebook)

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59 thoughts on “Bad Batch And Beyond

  1. some old queen

    What does a ‘bad batch’ actually mean? Is it contaminated with something or is it just higher levels of potency?

    1. The Old Boy

      I understand that it usually means a slower-acting version of the drug, leading to people to overdose by taking a second or third dose when the first doesn’t kick in. The unfortunate user then gets hit like a train an hour later.

      1. martco

        I would have said anything manufactured outside the kind of scientific cleanroom spec production facilities you would find in pharma industry = bad batch.

        you’d literally have to be stupid to ingest anything made on some blokes kitchen table. and that goes for drink too. plenty of examples of Poitín injury out there.

        1. The Old Boy

          Clearly none, or almost none of the stuff that does the rounds at festivals and raves has been made in laboratory conditions. Saying that there is no such thing a s a “good batch” may be true but it’s also facile. People are going to take MDMA whether it’s been made on some hail fellow’s table or not; the priority should be instilling a bit of caution, not sounding like the master of the fifth form.

          1. some old queen


            I commented on this a few weeks ago about the attitudes of senior management in Gardaí. Because something is a minor crime does not mean they are exonerated from warning the public about the additional potential dangers.

            Also- if a bad batch means slow acting then why don’t they just say that?

          2. martco

            ah don’t get me wrong OB.
            I’m far from iron fist in my own household, it’s difficult as a parent however you have to trust in them as they’ll do what they do & frequently the opposite of what you do ;)
            my own approach with my eldest pair was to do the alcohol side of things “continental” style & allow a beer if asked in the context of a special meal & work from there…I also a bit sneakily I admit let them passively observe hammered people in Temple Bar (window seat in Elephant & Castle at right times is quite demonstrative) & let them draw their own conclusions. on the drugs end the eldest one had someone one degree away die on a yokes misadventure & saw the results, funeral etc. BUT it’s a minefield no doubt, just doing my best.

        2. newsjustin

          Frankly, you would want to be a moron to deliberately eat a potent pharmaceutical made in God-knows-what conditions, with only a vague notion of what it contains, sold to you or your friend by actual, bona-fide criminals involved in violent crime.

          1. Rob_G

            Meh – taking drugs is not a very good idea, but the worst side effects for 99% of drug users is a bit of paranoia and a runny nose.

          2. Cian

            unfortunately the other 1% is a horrible death[1].

            [1]this is for humorous purposes. The death rate for drugs is far, far lower.

          3. some old queen

            Wrong Rob_G- Ecstasy depletes the brain or serotonin so most feel really down 2-4 days after and some just cannot handle that. I know of two people who committed suicide while enduring the after effects of taking Ecstasy.

            I am not saying don’t do it but be informed as to dangers AND after effects before making your decision.

      2. Jonboy

        not necessarily a slow acting drug, a bed batch means completely different things in different context, suffice to say it will do you some harm.

        In the contexts if Es it’s usually a different substance than MDMA that mimics the effects of MDMA for example DMT or worse yet, PMA/PMMA. These drugs have greater toxicity levels at lower doses than MDMA.

        1. The Old Boy

          Thanks Jonboy, my information is from a few inquests where what I said above was the explanation. As you say, the answer is “it depends”.

        2. some old queen

          Back in my day Johnny- Ecstasy was the street name for MDMA- maybe it has changed since then?

    2. milk teeth

      I’ve worked at a lot of festivals in the UK – in my experience when they talk about a bad batch they are talking about exceptionally strong. People take their normal dose and it hits them like a tonne of bricks. But I suspect its used as a catch all to include slow acting or cut with other stuff as well. (though quite often ‘bad batch’ or ‘super strong’ can also mean I didn’t understand that if I took the same as a fella twice my size I wouldn’t be OK).

      Sometimes they know exactly what is up with the batch because they have recovered some and tested it. But quite often they will get a description of the drug and have to go with that (e.g. I was working at Reading festival last weekend and there was concern about pills with Donkey Kong on). They won’t necessarily know exactly what was up wtih it, just that its screwed over one or many regular consumer(s).

      1. some old queen

        My media readings of this warning is just that milk- that the pills are very strong. The authorities know what in this context ‘bad batch’ means but just aren’t informing the public- hiding behind the law is still ethically negligent.

        Even in the north they will issue a very specific warning- something along the lines of- do not take the brown acid or you may end up in the DUP- you have been warned.

  2. millie st murderlark

    No green?

    I think my fave thing about EP was seeing the Wailers (twice) and the vibe they inspired. A very enjoyable Sunday morning that was.

    1. Jeffrey

      With the smell its impossible to consume green discreetly hence the other crapola killing tabs …

  3. M

    ‘Bad batch and Beyond’.

    Wonderful. Simply wonderful.

    But this is nothing new.

    I was pulled by undercover Gardas putting 35 yokes into my socks
    while seated in the driving seat of close doored car parked in
    Stradbally village 5 miles from the Picnic at 11am on the Friday morning.

    They said it was only 12 in court though.

    Which was nice of them I thought.

    1. postmanpat

      Whoa dude . Closed door? How do you reckon the fuzz were on to you? where you dealing in the town? . Maybe a recent customer got pinched and ratted you out? I’ve had near misses myself (with a hundred yolks) , its an out of body experience.

        1. millie vanilly strikes again

          I don’t think either of them are drug dealers.

          They sound like the cast of LoveHate

          1. postmanpat

            I wasn’t dealing (your honor ) I was just giving a friend of a friend/dealer a lift into town one night , after buying eight pills from him, just for me and my friends, when he started counting pills into separate batches of tens into separate cigarette boxes, so he could deal them easier in a club later on. Sitting there in my passenger seat , he kept turning the over head light on because he kept dropping yokes on the floor. Then, out of nowhere a police checkpoint on a Rathmines backroad checking every second car for tax. A few cars pulled to the side of the road. flashing lights, barricades , the works . I was waived through. In my ma’s car that I “borrowed” for an hour, and on a provisional licence which was expired. Ill never forget the song on the radio , (The awful, “Nu Flow” by “Big Brovaz” !?!?!?! ), I thought I was going to get sick all over the steering wheel. The cheeky so and so then wanted me to park down a lane so he could finish up his little packaging exercise. I kicked him out at the Bleeding Horse and made a beeline home. My hands were shaking for an hour after I got back. Even after a few stiff drinks. Talk about being young and stupid. They were a great batch of pills in fairness, a sharp solid high, specked Mitsubishi’s, had a laugh in Sprit the following weekend. Good times!!!

  4. Holden MaGroin

    Does anyone actually believe these are live pics or just library stock photos they put up to freak some of the kids out?

    I’m pretty naive but I’m not buying that post.

    *continues gurning* It’s called gurning right?

    1. milk teeth

      Looks like the sort of tables they use at festivals. Probably easy enough to get those photos as it would be to find from stock. They alway go OTT at festivals but leave well to do society events alone.

      1. millie vanilly strikes again

        I squirrelled a few in in my boots one time.

        I thought the bra might have been a bit obvious

  5. Bort

    Paul Stenson is an absolute sap and there are good drugs! I don’t think those drugs pics are from today, look like something out the drugs dictionary. Who are these dealers they were talking about? never seen anyone selling drugs in EP (I wish). Every who is going to be on drugs takes their own stuff or enough stuff for them and their mates in with them. They’ve already been to the “dealer”.

    What defines dealing? How many pills?

  6. Mr.Fart

    i also wonder what makes a bad batch. no one in above comments know, but in true BS commenter style, preach like they know all about it. the whole “be careful” advice doesnt help. how can you be careful? nibble it? if ur guna take a yolk ur guna take it, theres no careful way to take it. people arent dyin off yolks coz they didnt have enough water or whatever, its literally reacting with their minds and shutting them down. just get yer yolks off a dude whos high on the same batch.

    1. The Old Boy

      Isn’t getting your yokes off a dude who’s high off the same batch a reasonable bit of caution?

      1. Papi

        I love when Old Boy goes “street”, only you can say yokes, dude, high and reasonable caution in a sentence and still have cred.

          1. scottser

            interesting documentary on the use of methamphetamines during world war 2 on the beeb last night. the germans started to put a little tickle of pervitin into the emergency ration packs and when the brits found out they went nuts dosing everyone with benzedrine. by the end of the war most of the armed forces were off-chunk.
            brits eh? never not at it.

  7. postmanpat

    Don’t do drugs kids!. don’t spend a score on 3 or 4 yolk that ill do you the weekend. Instead, spend hundreds on overpriced watered down “beer” sold at stands in wobbly prone to cracking plastic half liter containers where the first inch spills down your hand when you walk with them or half is just foam head to begin with.

  8. John

    Caught with 8 on the way in at the first one. Fined 500 a year later by judge Martin. Crestfallen.

  9. Ian-O

    MDMA is relatively safe, so safe in fact it has yielded promising results in the treatment of alcoholism.

    What is being sold out there is not MDMA, its probably some Chinese lab made mephadrone or similar and cut with God knows what.

    So yeah, I guess the best way to stay safe is not to buy an unregulated tablet off someone you don’t know and even if you do know them, they probably couldn’t account for where it originally came from.

  10. Iwerzon

    Why don’t EP have official drug-testing booths like they do in festivals all over Europe where people can get their drugs tested before they take them making sure they don’t die?

    1. millie vanilly strikes again

      Because that is UTTER MADNESS

      (also, I really thought they’d started doing that – and it’s very disappointing if they haven’t implemented it yet)

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