Staying In Tonight?


‘We Need To Talk About Ross’

A documentary about Paul Howard directed by Adrian McCarthy.

Karina at RTÉ writes:

This revealing and entertaining documentary spends time with Paul Howard, the man behind Ross O’Carroll-Kelly (top).

Described by the Irish Times as ‘Ireland’s pre-eminent satirist’ and by the Irish Independent as ‘one of the world’s funniest writers’, this documentary attempts to get inside the complex mind of workaholic wordsmith Paul Howard, a writer at the top of his career.

The exploits of his greatest anti-hero creation Ross O’Carroll-Kelly have been the subject of hundreds of weekly newspaper columns penned by Howard over twenty years, as well as eighteen ‘Ross’ novels, selling well over a million copies….

‘We Need To Talk About Ross’ at 9.35pm on RTÉ 1.

Illustration: Alan Clarke

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2 thoughts on “Staying In Tonight?

  1. Termagant

    “a writer at the top of his career”
    Surely that was twenty years ago when he first made the one joke he’d continue to make in different ways over and over again until the present day?

    1. Paulus

      Yes; for fock’s sake he certainly has stretched it out:
      Time to kill off the parents, give Ross his inheritance and let him set sail into a privileged sunset.
      (I’ve only read the columns, not the books, is Ross an only child?)

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