Behold: the Mokka KL50 – an all electric remake of a 1978 Garelli KL50 two-stroke motorcycle.

Stripped down and rebuilt by the Budapest-based manufacturer with a 5kW brushless motor powered by Sony lithium ion batteries (good for 40km between charges), the fuel tank now houses the electronics and control systems.

Price: tbc.


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5 thoughts on “Hot Wheels

  1. Slightly Bemused

    40 KM does not seem like a lot. Not sure what other electric bikes do, but I am imagining it is related in part to the weight of the frame if this is merely a converted old bike, and the size of battery possible to retain the original profile as best as possible. How far would the original 50cc engine take it on a single tank, I wonder? Not been able to find out on a quick google

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