This Time I’m Staying


Back from London, is she?

Well for some. 

’tis. With her big fancy job.

In fairness.

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13 thoughts on “This Time I’m Staying

      1. Janet, I ate my avatar

        some countries have a decent standard of life, stuff like healthcare, transport and affordable housing, then you don’t have to be loaded to live alright…

  1. Jdawgs

    Just about to move to London with work. Half dreading it. Wonder what my list of things would be going the opposite direction.

    1. Lilly

      London is a fantastic place to live if you don’t mind the air quality. It’s visually stimulating – great street style – plenty of exhibitions if you like art; food, theatre, fun… creativity in the air. And they get better weather than we do, balmy summer nights and not much rain.

      Their dentists are rubbish though in my experience.

  2. some old queen

    An advert to come live here- well Missus- we have enough bloody immigrants as it is without post Brexit EU friendly refugees from the BBC thank you very much.

    Seriously- yes- sometimes you only notice things when you have been away- and, hopefully we have kept the good parts while finally binning the bad. Now what we need is a government who will govern for the people- rather than against them.

  3. milliem

    Don’t you ever say anything positive and uplifting Salmon Eile?

    Anyway good luck to the lady and I hope she enjoys this new phase in her life.

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