15 thoughts on “A Thousand Welcomes

  1. Mr.Fart

    “is there really votes in this stuff?” the only driving force for political acts. im not being sarcastic, he’s as brazen about the only thing politicians do anything for as any other FGer.

  2. axelf

    poor old alan must be seething he doesnt have a blue tick beside his name.

    either that or its a fake account

  3. Col

    Why did he tweet out his complaint instead of just saying it to Coveney? Or indeed, telling each one of us individually, face-to-face?

    1. Termagant

      When would he have an opportunity to talk to Simon, I don’t think he’s allowed in the Dail any more

  4. V

    More of it


    Coveney is flying high at the moment
    He’s completely untouched by this Government’s disaster after disaster;
    NCH, Cervical Check, Trollies, Rural Broadband, Housing and Accommodation, Farmers doing it for themselves, Schools failing safety checks, Direct Provision, go on go on go on

    No need to have Maria Bailey swing by any of his events
    And so sign of Coveney rocking up to any of his Dublin seated cabinet colleagues gigs either

    Wait ’till Pascal tries to get his Budget 2020 passed the house

    So wonder Leo’s people have had to call up Shatter
    He’ll have his blue tick by the end of the week

    And probably something on the Brexit team

  5. eoin

    Has Trump responded on Twitter to this impertinence yet? I can just picture it, just after midnight, Alan in his fort, constructed from returned copies of his recent book of lists, hitting F5 every couple of seconds to see Trump’s response to his wisdom. Doesn’t Trump [and Gardai on checkpoints outside Leinster House] know who Alan is.

  6. Ron

    Ah yes, the tweet is almost as pathetic and irrelevant as Shitter himself. How happy he was to put out on the political gravy train until they turned against him. Let him to continue to pig out on his just desert instead. For years he has been lauded as a great intelligent based on delusional people’s assessment. The usual craic in Ireland, the way someone of power and importance says something and the usual lackeys run with it like it’s a god given fact and suddenly this great myth appears about the man. He has achieved nothing of note and I hope he suffers personally for all he did or didn’t do for Mc Cabe. Never forget what they did to Mc Cabe because it’s the only solid indicator we have of what they are capable of.

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