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Seventeenth Century Irish/Hibernian map porn.

Via HeritageMaps:

Four maps depicting Ireland in very different shapes – all from the 1690s – by, from top:  Visscher, Nolin, Coronelli and Rossi and published in Amsterdam, Paris, Venetia and Roma.

The Nicolaes Visscher map’s short title is ‘Regnum Hiberniae’ and appears courtesy of [David] Rumsey Maps – hi-res available here.

The Vincenzo Coronelli map’s title is ‘Composite: Parte settentrionale dell’Irlanda. Parte settentrionale dell’Irlanda’. Via Rumsey. Full res here.

The 1690 Jean-Baptiste Nolin map is called ‘Le Royaume D’Irlande Divise en Provinces subivisees en Compte et en Baronies selon les Memoires du Sr. Petty . . . ‘ and appears courtesy of Raremaps. Full version here.

And 1699’s Giovanni Giacomo de Rossi map is called ‘L’Irlanda o vero Hibernia’ in short. Also via Rumsey. Hi-res version here.


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11 thoughts on “Taking Shape

  1. Slightly Bemused

    Fascinating the differences. I wonder is the lack of accuracy for the west coast related to the difficulties of sailing in the Atlantic currents and winds? The east and south coasts are pretty accurate for the most part but they would have been more regularly visited I guess with the main towns for trade along there. The comparison to Nolin’s map is striking.

    I wonder if this inaccuracy was in any part responsible for the demise of the Spanish Armada, albeit that happened 100 years or so earlier (1588 if I recall my history correctly). Inaccurate charts would be lethal for a sailor, even today.

        1. Spaghetti Hoop

          Far be it from me to see an old classic Dublin word of affectionate friendship die out…good night me ‘oul segocioners’. If I could line up all my segocioners in a row I’d say I’d count f……..zzzzzzzzz.

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