101 thoughts on “De Tuesday Papers

  1. Daisy Chainsaw

    The Taoiseach lied to you Meehole?
    Whatcha going to do about it?
    That’s right, nothing. So sit back down and shut up, you useless appendage.

      1. GiggidyGoo

        The whole lot of them in FF haven’t the guts. No guts to challenge Micheal Martin.
        It’s beyond a joke at this stage. Megaphone politics, and at the same time keeping Varadkar and the boys in situ. Shameful shower.

    1. some old queen

      Interesting that Mehole is breaking ranks all of a sudden- claiming to be kept out of the loop- the polls must not be good so.

    2. eoin

      The Taoiseach played a blinder yesterday in Dublin it must be said. He looked and sounded a statesman, and the contrast with Bojo, the leader of the world’s #5 economy and home of democracy, was stark. Leo’s speech was unusually good, it was Enda Kenny’s speech reacting to church child abuse x 5. Even Leo’s critics yesterday were impressed.

      You can’t let that sort of upstartery go unchecked so Micheal, who’s leading his party’s think-in at the minute, needs to pipe up and mount some sort of challenge.

      1. V

        leading his party’s think-in at the minute

        Would ya give over Eoin
        Micheál Martin isn’t even leading Fianna Fail in his own constituency

  2. Cú Chulainn

    Hold everything: we are saved and safe. In what is the first mention of Brexit on the Star front page, Ryland knows how to solve Brexit. The answer is on page 4. Let me know how it goes.

  3. john f

    Mr Martin’s bashing of the Taoiseach carries very little weight because his party could directly cause a general election. If they so wanted. Besides there are a lot of valid reasons to dislike this government . The Children’s Hospital fiasco, the National broadband plan, public services fiasco, a senior government member perpetrating insurance fraud whilst receiving no punishment etc. etc etc.
    The list goes on, in reality, the onus is on the British to propose a realistic solution. As regards the border, how could our officials say anything concrete. Were they to say there were would likely be a return of border checks they would be accused of fear mongering.
    There are plenty of perfectly valid reasons to dislike this government without inventing fake ones.
    Personally I would like to see “(the EU project)” return to something resembling the EC. I was listening to one hard Brexiteer on LBC radio. They were discussing how with Britain gone the EU would rapidly move towards harmonising tax rates across the union. Our favourable corporation tax rates that are one of the main drivers of foreign direct investment will come under assault.
    I can’t dispute his thinking.

  4. GiggidyGoo

    Tops of the Town play in the House Of Parliment just finished. What a load of codswallop. Pomp and ceremony.
    Bercow gets best actor award.

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      Staggering display last night. Just watched the suspension of parliament…Bercow is an absolute master, though I think his treatment of them as children has possibly made them further misbehave as thus.

  5. eoin

    It’s 4:3 !

    Having sued Panti, Village magazine and two others, everyone’s favorite anti-unicornist was yesterday sued by James Guerin, the brother of the well-respected crime journalist Veronica, who was shot dead in 1996.

    She’s already being sued by Dr David Grimes, and, in the Circuit Court, by the estate of the late FF councillor and businessman, Sean McEniff. So, 4:3.

    1. paul

      I thought it was her that was suing David? Over some pro-vaccination comments he made.

      Either way, a poo-show.

      1. eoin

        You’re right, she is suing David Grimes (one of the “two others”). She is also being sued BY David Grimes. So, it’s 1:1 for David Grimes.

    2. some old queen

      I would expect the Ryan family are getting their legal ducks in a row after being called a ‘pretend family’ because of race- backed by Lidl who have just been handed the mother of all PR advertising campaigns of course.

      1. GiggidyGoo

        I saw that ad and the Lidl reply. The Lidl reply included a picture which included the womans parents (which the original didn’t) and the man in the ad was said to be a partner of the woman. But his name wasn’t Ryan. He wasn’t a member of the Ryan family as such. So if they go into the actuality of their ad, it wasn’t the Ryan family but some members of the Ryan family plus one.

        1. some old queen

          Are you attempting to defend that tweet gigs? She had no business commenting on anyone’s race- full stop.

          1. GiggidyGoo

            If she’s your wife then yes. If she’s your partner- well she wouldn’t have the surname ‘Bertie ‘ so wouldn’t be part of the Bertie family.

          2. ReproBertie

            So a marriage is required to make a family? Are unmarried couples with children not a real family? How very 1950’s of you.

          3. ReproBertie

            Clarify for me. Are you saying if my wife was not my wife but our children had my surname and she didn’t then she’s not part of our family and letters addressed to us should not be addressed to “The Bertie family” but to “The Bertie family and Ms. Bertiepartner”?

          4. GiggidyGoo

            If her second name isn’t ‘Bertie’ then you wouldn’t be calling yourself Mr. and Mrs. ‘Bertie’ That’s my point. You’d be referred to as Mr. Bertie and Ms. Othername. So the ad wasn’t orrery in referring to the man as a ‘Ryan’.
            As I say, re-read and don’t re-write

          5. ReproBertie

            And yet we are referred to as Mr and Mrs. Bertie all the time and were for years before we were married. We are often referred to as the Bertie family. As an expression it’s pretty common usage and we’ve yet to have someone be confused by it.

            Until a racist loon decided to have a go at an ad.

          1. Janet, I ate my avatar

            ever heard of extended family ?
            either way a discourse screaming about mix race families being a ploy by the great displacement is pretty grim,
            and I take offense for my mix race family members,
            her xenophobic, tribal, territorial, scare mongering mindset is talking about humans and about people who are loved,
            don’t loose sight of that in semantics,
            it’s defending the indefensible

          2. GiggidyGoo

            Janet – I’m not defending what GOD wrote. She shouldn’t have. My only point is Lidl’s inconsistency as one of the people was not a Ryan.

        2. V

          Incorrect GG

          The UN defination of family (and adopted by Ireland in 1994 ish – during The International Year of the Family)

          Is 2 or more persons caring for each other and sharing together
          something like that

          so it effectively put an end to Mammy Daddy and the 2.4 kids as Family

          and widened the family to include partnerships, clubs, communities etc

          Blended ones too

          Family is 2 or more loving, caring, sharing whatever yer having
          It is not in need of a ceremony or a legal act to be conferred to match the definition and be entitled to call yourself a Family

          Just saying

          1. GiggidyGoo

            You’re missing the point V. He isn’t a Ryan. So to refer in the ad to the Ryan Family is not 100% correct. The explanation Lidl give is that he’s the partner. But that doesn’t make him a Ryan. He has his own second name, and it’s not Ryan.

          2. V

            Give over GG

            I bet you a bag of Lidl bakery cookies that that lad is known as
            One’ah the Ryans

            And its you that is missing the point
            Family is not defined or recoginsed or limited to an identifying name

            AFAIC now
            I am one of the Ryan family

            Go back to your clan and tell them that

          3. GiggidyGoo

            V. The ad refers to the ‘Ryan’ family. You’re very quick to correct Eoin on here so climb down off your high horse and see the point i’ve been making. I haven’t said that he’s not part of a family, but he’s not part of the Ryan family. His name isn’t Ryan. If he was married to the daughter as distinct as to being a partner, then he could be termed as being a member by marriage of the Ryan family.

            The UN definition of family is nothing to do with this.

            Is he a Ryan?

          4. GiggidyGoo

            Janet, the discussion at the moment underneath my original comment above is not about what GOD may be doing. The replies are on what I’ve written, which was specifically about Lidl’s reply, which isn’t 100% correct.

          5. V

            Ah that’s nice
            Nice to see Eoin has lads knocking around for him, like they’re all Family;
            Mind you I’ve never doubted any of ye ever went away
            Like a Family

            Although I’m not sure you’re doing him any favours here GeeGee

            All that matters is that Jonathan considers himself a member of the Ryan Family
            And they, John and Imelda Ryan treat him as one of them.
            Besides they have his son to call their grandson

            That’s Family

            And if I was Fiona Ryan and found that my Baba was been spoken about like this
            Jaysus knows what I’d do next

          6. GiggidyGoo

            Yes V. You’re getting it now. I haven’t said they’re not a family. But they are not all members of the Ryan family.
            No matter how many inclusions of plámás or rawmaish is sprinkled in your posts, that fact remains true .

        1. V

          I don’t

          I wouldn’t want all the Ryan Families out there to allow her and her supporters, current, past, closet or whatever any opportunity to comment

          I hope they just mind their own business and stay away from me and mine

          Remember that Justin Barrett one time said that Women who seek a Termination should be given the death penalty
          They have enough to be doing trying to get what’s left of the No/ Níl 33% over to their side

          Renua, Aontú,ACI/ TNP and feck knows what Ronan Mullen scurries out’ve the ground are all competing for those last few scraps of ignorant intolerant Ireland.

          1. some old queen

            Would you not like to see nazisaluteboy dancing in a real deal jockstrap V? I friggen would- good money for the lap dance- paid in back of the bus fags obviously.

  6. eoin

    It’s Tuesday and it’s Irish Water and poo again.

    The Environmental Protection Agency publishes a report today


    which has found widespread presence of poo (or a germ found in poo) in the water coming out of your tap.

    Does anyone know, can you catch Hepatitis from Cryptosporidium?

    Irish Water, ladies and gentlemen, whose board is appointed by the galoot from Ranelagh.

    1. Janet, I ate my avatar

      e coli is in the water system too, it’s an antibiotic resistant strain too just for extra kicks,
      as a recent sufferer I can tell you it’s no joke,
      don’t drink tap water folks, filter and boil it

      1. The Old Boy

        You could always use the African Queen method:

        “Bogart later bragged that he and [director, John] Huston were the only ones to escape illness, which he credited to not drinking any water on location, but instead fortifying themselves from the large supply of whiskey they had brought along.”

          1. The Old Boy

            I can confirm that both Champagne and brandy and port-based refreshment regimes will not only prevent e-coli infections but also lead to a general sense of well-being.

    1. some old queen

      We? You in the north Eoin?

      Botanic used to be my old tramping ground- but it was different back then- much more alternative.

        1. some old queen

          No seriously- Botanic is part of the University area of Belfast and in the height of the troubles- all the punks, hippies, gays and other alternatives took shelter there. You could have a practicing rock band, someone playing an organ and someone else doing scream therapy- all on the one street.

          It was mad but in a good way- unlike the insanity elsewhere in the city.

  7. eoin

    The Sunday Times’s cops ‘n robbers and “security” journalist, John Mooney is warning against a Northern Ireland-only backstop. He tweets.

    “I met a number of loyalists connected to UVF in Belfast recently. The message was clear. Anything that changes status of Northern Ireland will be greeted as the start of a process to lead to United Ireland. I would anticipate serious civil disturbance”

    1. some old queen

      On the other hand a sizable amount of the Unionist community agree with the backstop. The major winner in the next election are set to be Alliance which is why UUP are attempting to position themselves more into the middle ground.

  8. eoin

    RTE Morning Ireland interview with Micheal Martin. The interviewer, Bryan Dobson (€199,000 a year at loss-making RTE in 2016) avoids any question about Richard Bruton’s National Broadband Plan and the imminent signature of the €5 (five) billion deal which will save Denis O’Brien whose other business, Digicel is in the toilet. This comes after RTE News failed to report the publication of the NBP report a week ago, the report from the Oireachtas communications committee called for the NBP plan to be put on hold and for alternatives to be explored. Are you beginning to see a pattern? Surely, RTE isn’t suppressing news about the biggest state contract ever, just so it can keep in Richard Bruton’s good books, in the hope Richard will bail RTE out in the next 18 months? Too paranoid and tinfoily? Maybe, but this is the second time in a week that RTE has avoided scrutiny of the NBP when presented with an obvious opportunity.

    1. Rob_G

      Without having heard the interview, I can only imagine that they were mainly talking about Brexit – probably a bit paranoid and tinfoily, indeed.

      1. B9Com From No

        No they weren’t
        They were not talking about many subjects
        Not talking because meehole didn’t answer any questions

  9. eoin

    Is the meat processing cartel about to try a lock-out? Didn’t work out well for William Martin Murphy in 2013. Won’t work out well for the billionaire meat processors in 2019 and hopefully it will lead to the restructuring of the business and farmers moving into the processing space, which they should have done decades ago.

  10. ReproBertie

    Original backstop is on the cards again. Border in the Irish Sea and Northern Ireland in the EU CU. Of course for this to happen we need the Northern Ireland Assembly back in action which the DUP desperately need if they are going to prevent abortion and same sex marriage rights being imposed. The DUP have to decide who they hate more, the gays or na gaeilgeoirí.

      1. ReproBertie

        Nothing in what I said suggests there is no WA. The WA is still the only deal on the table and if the UK want a deal then that deal includes a backstop. That has never changed. Britain’s unelected teaboy Taoiseach is desperately looking for a way out. “I want a deal” he said yesterday. Now that he no longer relies on the DUP he can do the traditional British thing of stabbing them in the back and ask for a return to the original. Northern Ireland only, backstop.

          1. B9Com From No

            I respect the fact we can disagree without being personal. My bet is the DUP have engineered a deal with Javid where they get several billion

          2. ReproBertie

            I think the DUP are more willing to accept the border in the Irish Sea than gay/abortion rights. There was some comment about a Northern Ireland only backstop requiring the approval of Northern Ireland which has been interpreted to mean a vote in the Northern Ireland Assembly. A vote in the Northern Ireland Assembly can also prevent the imposition of the gay/abortion rights so that may be the deal. If they vote to accept it in the Northern Ireland Assembly then they can’t turn around and vote against it in the HoC.

    1. GiggidyGoo

      ‘Proposed backstop’ ‘Proposed WA’ (just to be clear)
      And the original proposed backstop isn’t on the cards. BJ is looking for a NI only backstop.
      Cast Iron and Bulletproof? Both of those terms that Varadkar used on the podium are far from the truth.

      1. ReproBertie

        The original backstop was Northern Ireland only until the DUP threatened to withdraw support from Theresa May. The way around it was to extend the backstop to include the entire UK and this was the version of the Withdrawal Agreement that the EU27 and the British cabinet voted to accept.

  11. Ron

    It seems most of the commentariat on here who think their the smartest people in the room will have to admit about falling for Varadkars lies about the border too. imagine being outsmarted by someone as incompetent as Varadkar. We can fix broken politics but you can’t fix stupid

    Impotent Irish electorate will just roll over and let it happen. Pathetic.

  12. V

    As an aside to the specific Lidl ad being aired above

    I would like to say that I think it’s a lovely campaign and deserves mention on its own without being tied into what a particular individual’s opinion of it is
    So fair play to Lidl
    I hope it wins awards and continues

    This is the everyday Ireland folks
    And it’s the majority

    Thank _úck

    And thank you Lidl for making sure we’re all reminded of who the vast majority of this Country is

    It’s who we are today
    It’s about cherishing the people around us and in our lives, and who we want to make our futures better for, and with
    No matter who they are
    It’s about Equality
    It’s about Family
    It’s about community; our Common Bonds
    No matter what that thread that binds us is for is formed by

    Now that’s patriotism

    1. Janet, I ate my avatar

      exactly, if people put half as much energy into being kind as they did feeding their hate the world would be a much better place

        1. Ron

          Irish people don’t care about any of that and that’s reflected in how the impotent Irish electorate vote.

          But by all means don’t let the facts stand in the way of your Romantic Ireland where everyone knows your name.

          In Ireland 2019 we are nation that allows 100.000 homeless and our incompetent heath care managers actually kill citizens.

          The majority of the daw jawed impotent Irish electorate show feigned pity but its really contempt for the most disadvantaged people in society. Id they cared they wouldn’t vote for the filth that continuously shaft the country everyday.

          That’s the truth and all you daw jaws know it, you lot just aren’t brave enough to admit it publicly because deep down you know it’s wrong.


          1. V

            Now now Ron Ron
            Don’t be blaming the Electorate

            The Electorate voted for change plenty times – recent Constitutional Referendums being the more remarkable – in the latest one 82% of the electorate voted for change

            What Ireland needs is to appeal to a more capable Representative
            Maybe yourself Ron?

            If you want to see change like

            In the meantime all we hope for is to
            – Get better candidates to run
            – Get principled candidates to run
            – Get establishment parties loosen the whip system to attract more independently minded members

            Just don’t blame the Voter

  13. milliem

    I see yet another whistleblower has had trumped up and pathetic disciplinary charges brought against him which were only dropped after The Examiner published an article about the affair.

    The Prison Service should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves for acting in the manner that they did.

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