It All Makes Sense


The Bernard Shaw (top) was the last piece in a development jigsaw (above)


Dublin Yimby writes:

Why Bernard Shaw folks were unable to renew their lease in one photo. Areas in green are already being developed/completed. Purple is planned for demolition/development. Red was last week sold by Dublin City Counci to a developer. Blue is the Bernard Shaw land….

Tuesday: Nothing To See Here

Monday: Heartbreak House

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18 thoughts on “It All Makes Sense

  1. A Person

    Yes, it’s called the redevelopment of underutilised, and mostly derelict parts of the city centre. It will deliver much needed housing, which anyone, who has read a news article in the last 5 years, will realise that homelessness is a problem.

        1. pedeyw

          The 10% of social housing won’t be built on site as developers don’t have to do that anymore, they haven’t had to for quite a while.

          1. Rob_G

            Incorrect – previously there were loopholes, but there is no getting out of the social housing provision any longer.

  2. Donal

    Is it not the case that the only reason the Bernard Shaw became the now loved pub that it is was due to it’s proximity to dereliction (both in a geographical and a physical sense)? No doubt the landlord has known for a long time that the whole block would be up for urban renewal at some point. Before BT took over the place it was closed down, was there much competition to get the lease, was the rent paid quite low, was the lease quite short?

    Yes it’s a pity that the city is losing this venue that many seem to adore, but such is the way with all cities and similar venues, they become something else as areas are gentrified and the vibe moves elsewhere. CBGBs and the Hacienda spring to mind but I’m sure there are thousands of examples. The underground scene thrives not on progress but on a lack of same, it is in they yet to be redeveloped places that these venues come to life. The cycle will continue, someone with a creative mind will find somewhere new

  3. Custo

    The owner previously owned all the other land, but sold it about ten years ago. I assume he always planned to hold on the the BS site as it was making decent money from Bodytonic rent, and would sell it – presumably to he same developers – as soon as DCC sold that tiny plot which is basically good for nothing apart from as part of the block.

  4. class wario

    The purple area has been let fall into total disrepair the past 12-18 months (I think) with no movement as far as I can see in terms of development. So I am a little cynical about people trotting out sceals about it being unused and derelict when it was fairly active prior to this. I presume this non-use was similarly cynical with a few to buying additional land rather than building on what’s there.

    1. Mr.Fart

      its like what martin keane did with the iveagh market, let in become so run down that you dont have to adhere to listed building laws, so they can mow it all down and start afresh.

    2. colm

      the purple area was a popular gym for the last 10 years, a hostel which closed last year, a small restaurant, grocery store, aussie bbq.

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