Not For The Likes Of You


On Tuesday, Dublin City Council central area committee announced Bartra Capital [who are behind the Dun Laoghaire co-living experiment] as the preferred developer for the O’Devaney Gardens site [near the Phoenix Park].

The plan will see half of the 824 units being private – 30 per cent (192) as social housing and 20 per cent (165) as affordable housing. Some 56 of the houses are already under construction as part of a separate deal with Careys Construction.

A discount of 30-40 per cent will apply on the affordable units, with a price range for a three-bed apartment of €360,000-€420,000 and a price range for a two-bed house of €270,000-€315,000.

The council’s report says the development will not feature any student accommodation, shared accommodation or studio apartments.

On public land.

Good times.

Anger over ‘affordable’ redevelopment where buyers will need to earn at least €108K per year and have €42K savings (

Co-living developer the preferred bidder for O’Devaney Gardens plan (Irish Times)

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33 thoughts on “Not For The Likes Of You

    1. some old queen

      No, O’Devaney was the rough part- near all the social problems came from there. And, you’d have the manicured part of Phenoix Park five minutes walk way which is a big plus.

    1. Qwerty123

      they will just be brought by landlords and leased back to the council via HAP. All should go to council imo

      1. SB

        You need a good proportion of private (owner occupied) in there to avoid it returning to a ghetto. Though who’d buy THERE, for THAT price, is a different matter…

        1. Qwerty123

          exactly, nobody would, it will just go to landlords. And we will pay them via HAP, and they will enrich themselves, whereas the council need to take ownership and do their job. Having people who work next to people who don’t never works and wont stop it turning into a ghetto. I can think of several estates where houses are unsellable due to the proportion of local authority tenants in their either via council direct or HAP. Anti social behaviour and poor upkeep of properties being the main issues.

          1. postmanpat

            but….but.. it looks so nice from the plans. Those 14 trees they plan to plant will last ,what …2 weeks? before being snapped in half by scrotes. The place will look like the flat complexes in Fortunestown a year after completion.

          2. Qwerty123

            I get your point, but the council are absolving themselves of their responsibilities in housing local authority tenants to the private rental market. Will not end well

      2. Joe

        HAP isn’t a lease to the council it’s a scheme where rent is paid to the landlord on behalf of the tennant. The property is still a private rental.

  1. Col

    “a three-bedroom apartment will cost €420,000 and this includes a discount of up to 40pc on what is considered market value.”

    This shows how seriously broken the housing market is.
    Eoghan Murphy should be sacked.

          1. pedeyw

            Schrodniger’s D-bag: A guy who says offensive things and decides whether he was joking based on the reaction of people around him.

    1. george

      Nobody, it is hypothetical money that could be earned if they were sold on the open market. It does not exist.

  2. V

    Sorry to break it to ye

    But €420k for a good three bed in the City sounds about right
    (In the current market)

    But that’s not the point
    City Council should have developed the site themselves via contractors

    The problem is not developers
    The problem is the sale of publicly owned – Residential Zoned assets to the private sector
    We are loosing the capacity to manage our own housing needs
    As well as reducing the role of our Local Authorities in local decisions about its own population, and its own local housing needs
    That’s nuts

    and I’ll repeat again the example of the Army Barracks
    No effin’ way should they have been sold off on the open market

    1. Col

      “But €420k for a good three bed in the City sounds about right
      (In the current market)”

      It’s not about what’s right in the current market, it’s about what the council is describing as “affordable”. But it is not affordable to “the overwhelming majority of Dublin households”.

      1. V

        The problem is the definition of affordable

        but the bigger problem is forcing this onto people who qualify for the support as their only option, like those shared mortgages were

        Long Term Letting, Sustainable Local Housing Schemes,
        Cooperative Housing Schemes
        National Building Programmes
        Cooperative Credit

        Jesus, why is it all glass half empty and the bad bold Private developers

        There’s plenty we can do ourselves with the local Authorities and local Housing Associations and the Cooperative Movement without having anything to do with the Dept of Environment & Eoghan Murphy

    2. class wario

      It seems a bit more expensive than what I’ve seen apartments go for in Dublin lately, albeit one could explain that by saying these are new builds. It’s outrageous to suggest this represents a 30-40% discount on top of that, though.

    3. Medium Sized C

      Just to make sure we are blaming the correct organisation here:
      DCC don’t really have the money to develop the site themselves.
      Not in their housing budget at least, which comes from the Department of the Environment.

  3. Pip Maxwell

    Disaster capitalism in action. Public assets yet again being privatised. Dismantling the public sector piece by piece.

  4. Barry the Hatchet

    The whole notion of “affordable housing” is such an obviously terrible one that I’m surprised politicians are happy to trot it out as some kind of positive measure. If a discount of 30-40% is required to make housing affordable, then most housing is unaffordable by a very massive margin. This is not normal. This is not okay.

  5. some old queen

    So a 1 bed apartment will cost €150 and without discount €210- is that right? Does it mean that a couple will need to be earning under 50k a year for the discount? What about single people?

  6. some old queen

    The closest similarity to this would be Herberton (Fatima Mansions). Is there much difference between the T & C’s of there and O’Devaney? There appears to be quite a lot of rentals in Herberton, at least on Daft.

    1. Christopher

      That’s more because no one wants to live in Herberton as it is a hive of antisocial behaviour. Honestly even at a 40% discount I would not even consider buying an apartment in a development where more than 20% of the other units the development are social- it’s so galling to be kept awake at night or made feel unsafe in your own home by neighbours who you are paying for.

      1. Qwerty123

        and this is the crux of the issue, there are going to be lots of empty apartments and houses around the city as the council are absolving their responsibility onto the private market.

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