12 thoughts on “Lyrical Gangster

    1. martco

      hm. I had the forensics lads look at this.
      it has that telltale portland cement tint, almost certainly made in the following order:
      3.hot water*

      *likely out of the tap as opposed to the kettle (possibly a faulty burco) @60deg max.

      for shame

  1. Slightly Bemused

    I think this is a great station, with the exception of the Marty Whelan show. He is just too smarmy for me. Whenever I am driving any distance I love having them on, and have often tuned in for their specials. The loss of a station playing classical music would be a huge cultural loss.

    Lyric should not be profit-making. Its purpose should be to expose us to classical music, and foster that side of our cultural knowledge and heritage. If RTE is truly a public service station, then Lyric is much more of a pubblic service than 2FM.

  2. eoin

    You’re just encouraging them with this poo.

    It’s like that “would you like to eat dog poo, or horse poo” commenter on here a while back.

    Do you want Lyric FM or will you pay a household charge for RTE. It’s a false choice.

    In fact, it’s just evil for RTE to be flying all these kites knowing that they will worry or offend cohorts who fear losing jobs or services, when, all the while, the problem is, RTE can’t manage its income to deliver its existing services. It is squandering money by making millionaires out of employees in their 50s with ridiculous redundancy terms, it has spend millions on a creche for around 50 kids of RTE employees and the €120m from spectrum/Montrose land sales will be gone in 18 months.

    Fire Dee Forbes now, she just isn’t up to the job.

    1. Slightly Bemused

      I do not know enough to argue with you on any point, but I would have one comment. I have no objection to the creche (not sure what time period it took to spend the millions: over many years this is not necessarily extravagant). I think that not enough companies allow for the children of their employees, particularly women but also men.
      I recall that the Superquinn in Naas had a creche for it’s staff to enable them to attend work and not worry about the cost of childcare. Of course, that creche would likely not be approved today as they had no outside play area (it opened onto the public car park) but I do know several staff found it the only thing that allowed them to go back to work after maternity leave.

    1. Slightly Bemused

      I agree. I probably also brings in more ad revenue, given the audience. Lyric’s audience is more likely to be older, and less easily swayed by the ads.

  3. class wario

    bet there wouldn’t be any such outrage if RTE threatened to kill off a station that played less middle aged to elderly friendly music

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