Meanwhile, In Laois


This afternoon.

In Rathdowney, Co Laois.

Shane Beatty, of Newstalk, tweetz:

Despite yesterday’s beef deal, blockades continue outside at least 16 factories across the country. Here in Rathdowney, more signs have gone up outside Meadow Meats.

Beef Plan Movement backs beef deal but says farmers feel abandoned (RTE)

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14 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In Laois

  1. eoin

    There is no beef deal. There was a proposed deal which, if I understand it right, might give a 2-3% increase to farmers for their beef, when they were seeking 25%. The proposed deal still means farmers are losing money on every animal sold to the cartel of billionaire beef processors. How can that be an acceptable deal?

  2. Shane Duffy

    If the woke, Dublin hipsters had an ounce of any of these men’s backbone, the city wouldn’t be in the state it’s in now and the Bernard Shaw would be its HQ.

  3. Gringo

    These brave farmers will not win unless the main farm organisations get behind them, which will not happen while the leaders of the IFA ect. are happy to maintain the status quo. The processors have the backing of the Dept, of Agriculture, Bord Bia, and the most of the media.

  4. Joe Small

    The farmers are obviously being shafted by Larry and his near monopoly

    However, the “No handouts, Just Free Trade” sign has me chuckling.

  5. Christopher

    Fair Trade?! Farmers in the EU? Do me a favour- their entire industry is protected to keep other poorer countries from competing.

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