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This afternoon.

In Rathdowney, Co Laois.

Shane Beatty, of Newstalk, tweetz:

Despite yesterday’s beef deal, blockades continue outside at least 16 factories across the country. Here in Rathdowney, more signs have gone up outside Meadow Meats.

Beef Plan Movement backs beef deal but says farmers feel abandoned (RTE)

Offaly county councillor Ken Smollen

This morning.

Offaly county councillor and chair of the Irish Democratic Party Ken Smollen, who runs a food delivery service for impoverished families, received the following message from a Laois mum whose identity he is protecting on Facebook

“Hi Ken I am very sorry to message and ask could you please please help me anyway you can with food, I am a single mother with a baby almost a year old.

“I’m private renting at the moment.. I’m paying 180 of my 234.50 a week on rent, and the remaining 54.50 goes between formula baby food nappies and electric.

“My child’s father is supposed to pay €20 maintenance a week, I’ve never seen a cent of it. At present I haven’t eaten more than a slice of stale bread and a tin of soup myself in three days.

“I will go without to make sure my daughter can eat. Anyway if you could please help me any way you could I’d be very very grateful.

“It is eating me having to message you to ask but I can’t ask anyone else. SVP told me this week they can’t help me until September as they take holidays for all of August over here.

“I see you visited Laois yesterday so I hope you wouldn’t see it too far to be able to help me any way possible. Thanks very much.”

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Ken Smollen (Facebook)

More as we get it.

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Ropemakerplaying Galway with Hope is Noise and The Magnapinna

What you may need to know…

01. Math-rock three-piece Ropemaker hail from the alternative-music capital of Ireland, Portarlington, Co. Laois.

02. Having gigged sporadically the last few years, they’ve already shared stages with Steve Strong, the dearly-departed Terriers (the real ones, not the Dublin-based pretenders), ZINC and others.

03. Streaming above is the band’s 2015 extended-player, Abyssiniaavailable for download via the band’s Bandcamp.

04. Catch them live next at the Roisín Dubh on the 19th, in support of FEAST’s Cork takeover of the Roisín Dubh, featuring Hope is Noise and The Magnapinna.

Verdict: Swaggering, striding math-rock in a Battles or Alpha Male Tea Party vein. Grand.