Meanwhile, In Luxembourg


This afternoon.

After a working lunch with Mr Juncker, Mr Johnson met Mr Bettel. The pair were due to hold a joint news conference however Mr Johnson did not take part in the media briefing.

Boris Johnson tried to laugh off yells, hisses and anti-Brexit cries of pro-EU demonstrators as he met Mr Bettel.

“Stop the coup. Tell the truth,” said one over a speaker. “Bog off Boris.”

But Mr Johnson laughed and smiled as he walked up to meet Mr Bettel with a handshake and head into the Ministry of State for discussions.

Johnson skips news conference with Xavier Bettel following Brexit meetings (RTÉ)

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16 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In Luxembourg

  1. eoin

    Did Boris not say when he became PM seven weeks ago that he wouldn’t meet with an EU leader unless , as a precondition, they [the EU] dropped the backstop in the draft withdrawal agreement? He’s now met Merkel, Macron, Tusk, Dr V and now JC, all of who are consistent, the backstop stays. He really is a bit of a flake.

    1. some old queen

      It somewhat disturbs me to agree with bisted but yes- it is not going to happen- let’s see what tomorrow brings.

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