30 Years Of Hurt


Martina Anderson?

James McClean?


A former Belfast councillor who falsely referred to Republic of Ireland footballer James McClean as a “super Provo” is to pay out £63,000 (€71,000).

The settlement covers damages and legal costs of the Stoke City player’s defamation action against Chris McGimpsey.

McClean awarded £63k damages over defamatory remark (RTÉ)

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12 thoughts on “30 Years Of Hurt

  1. italia'90

    Good morning Bodger.
    Are you aware of any issues on the landing page?

    I’m viewing the photos from the previous post out of place on the newer post…
    CSS perhaps or just my browser?
    I’m using windows btw

        1. Holden MaGroin

          Same issue in Brave browser too. Although I check Chrome and it’s OK which is odd because I thought Brave was Chromium. But I’m not a full nerd.

  2. italia'90

    Please, no need to apologise.
    It might just be affecting my laptop, I don’t know really.

    Great job as usual btw, to all at HQ.
    Be sure to treat yourselves to a fillet chicken roll from “Kate’s Korner” for lunch today ;)

    Kind regards.

    “alrite Larry”

    1. italia'90

      Me. But only on the condition that we sing it after a new uprising and rid ourselves of this one party system masquerading as a two party sh*tshow pretending to be democracy.

      1. shayna

        I wept in public on Saturday, I watched the match at “The Bot” in Belfast during Amhrán Na Bhiann – my grandfather was at the final in Croke Park in 1920. (Tipperary beat Dublin – although, what with gun-fire and such, it was kinda abandoned – Tipp did beat Dublin in ’21, without a shot being fired). Sport and politics?

    1. italia'90

      I don’t think anyone deserves to be flashed at by Martina ;)

      Nor by myself either tbf. I don’t have a young man’s body anymore.


      *just wondering now if I should get on the treadmill or wobble down to flyfit while waiting on this tender deadline to close? Makes another coffee and opens a packet chocolate digestives.

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