Bring Sandie Home


Help us fulfill Sandie Jones dying wishes (Gofundme)

Sandie Jones, Irish Eurovision singer, dies aged 68 (Irish Times)

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7 thoughts on “Bring Sandie Home

  1. Spaghetti Hoop

    The tweet above refers to helping to fund bringing her ashes home, while the newspaper report requests assistance in bringing her body home. There is a massive cost difference between the two.

  2. postmanpat

    “If you’d like to help her family her family” ? Lots of actual worthwhile causes on go fund me. Begging for a free city break? “Hello Air Lingus 2 first class tickets please.. tickets please!!”

  3. Slightly Bemused

    Rest in peace, Sandy, and condolences and best wishes to your family.

    I had not realised that there had been an Irish language entry – I was a mere wee lad at the time.Strangely, I do still remember Vicky Leandros’ song Apres Toi, but not from the contest that year, but from the following year, when ABBA won with Waterloo. My dad had bought the record (he really liked Vicky and bought several of her albums) and played it before the contest began in 1973.

    Should not be a private affair: give her the respect she deserves and get the government jet over there!

  4. V

    The Fluffy Biscuits Jury will confirm this

    But if the winning song from the original National Song Contest was in Irish it got double the prize money on offer

    RIP Sandie

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