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Fluffy’ writes:

I know Eurovision 2020 is cancelled but there are a few shows on…Below is a flavour of what’s coming our way this week…

You can also vote in our own contest, Monday is our First Semi Final at around 8.15pm. There’s many ways to vote, Either through the link here, Send me a message or vote via a online system on the night itself…

Tonight, Wednesday, May 13

• 7pm – ESC Fan TV’s Eurovision 1974 re-watch (Facebook)

• 7pm – WiWi Jam at Home (Wiwibloggs YouTube)

Thursday 14

• 7.30pm – Charlie Hide’s Alternative Eurovision Quiz

• 8pm – Eurovision Song Celebration: Semi Final 2 (Official Eurovision YouTube)

Friday 15

• 6pm – OGAE UK Eurostars at Home (Facebook)

• 7pm – Eurovision Fan Contest & Live Reveal of OGAE Polls (OGAE International YouTube)

• 9pm – OGAE UK’s Virtual Euroclub (Twitch & Facebook)

• 9.30pm – Eurovision at 60 (BBC 4)

• 11pm – Dana: The Original Derry Girl (BBC 4)

Saturday 16

• 3am – From Abba to Azerbaijan (BBC Radio 2)

• 9.30am – Eurovision 2020: Big Night In (SBS Australia)

• 10am – Graham Norton (Radio 2)

• 5.40pm – Pointless Celebrities (BBC 1)

• 6.25pm – Eurovision 2020: Come Together (BBC 1)

• 8pm – Eurovision 2020: Europe Shine a Light (RTE 1/BBC 1)

• 9pm – Graham Norton, Douze Points (Radio 2)

• 11pm – TOTP2 Goes Eurovision (BBC 2)

• 10pm – The A-Z of Eurovision (BBC 2)

• 10pm – Eurovision Kings and Queens of Pop (Radio 2)

• 2am – Ken Bruce’s Ultimate Eurovision Countdown (Radio 2)

Sunday 17

• 8pm – EurovisionAgain (Twitter & Facebook)

• 8pm – Retrovision 1974 (Facebook)

All first semi final songs here.

This afternoon.

Members of the cast of the Riverdance 25th Anniversary Show, danced on boardwalk on the Liffey in front of the 3Arena (formerly The Point) where the show run from February 6-9.

A special gala performance  will be held on February 9, 25 years to the day that Riverdance the show was first performed at The Point.

Leon Farrell/Photocall Ireland

Help us fulfill Sandie Jones dying wishes (Gofundme)

Sandie Jones, Irish Eurovision singer, dies aged 68 (Irish Times)

National Chairperson of the Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign Fatin Al Tamimi outside RTÉ Studios in Donnybrook, Dublin 4 in March, calling for RTÉ to boycott the Eurovision Song Contest which is taking place in Tel Aviv

I usually find Mark Paul a precise and interesting writer. However, his language in his opinion piece is unusually slipshod.

He describes the call for a boycott of the Israeli-hosted Eurovision song contest as “indiscriminate”, “blunt” and “ill-defined”.

It is none of those things: it is a peaceful, calibrated and proportionate attempt to exert leverage over the Israeli government so that it might change its egregious policies towards Palestinians.

Far from a failure to “communicate fairly” with Israelis, the boycott call is sending a serious and constructive message – that so long as its policies are persisted with, the Israeli government will not be allowed reap the propaganda and other benefits it very consciously seeks to accrue from its sponsorship of cultural events like the Eurovision.

For this mild and measured boycott call to be equated with anti-Semitism is, among other things, an insult to the many Jews (including Israelis) who support the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaign in defence of Palestinian rights.

Andy Storey,
Co Dublin.

Reaction to Eurovision boycott call (The Irish Times letters page)

Eurovision boycott stirs painful memories for Jewish people (Mark Paul, The Irish Times)


From top: National Chairperson of the Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign Fatin Al Tamimi; IPSC’s National Organiser Aisling Micklethwaite and IPSC’s press officer Betty Purcell; gardaí

This afternoon.

Outside RTÉ Studios in Donnybrook, Dublin 4.

Members of the Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign, and their supports, protest against Israel hosting this year’s Eurovision Song Contest and call for RTE to boycott the event.


A few moments ago…

On RTÉ One’s News at One

The head of the Irish Eurovision Delegation, RTÉ’s Michael Kealey responded to calls for a boycott and to the protest currently taking place outside RTÉ studios.

He told journalist Áine Lawlor that RTÉ is a public service broadcaster and doesn’t “take political stands”.

He said taking political stands is “not something we do”, before adding that the Eurovision is about music and not politics.

And he added: “If we introduce politics, you’ll have to look at the whole Eurovision itself.”

Listen back in full here



Protest at RTÉ calls for boycott of Eurovision song contest (RTE)

Earlier: EU May Like This

Sam Boal/Rollingnews

Second last pic: Barry Lenihan

Sarah McTernan – 22

Just ‘dropped’.

Ireland’s act and song for this year’s Eurovision Song Contest.

Sarah, age 24, from Scariff, County Clare, will compete in the second Eurovision Semi Final in Tel Aviv, Israel on Thursday, May 16.

Written by Janieck, Marcia “Misha” Sondeijker and Roulsen.

Who all hail from the Netherlands.


Ireland’s Eurovision contestant and song revealed (RTÉ)

Oy vey.

Ted writes:

Just announced: the host city for Eurovision 2019 will be… Tel Aviv!  But will Ireland be represented?


Tel Aviv to host Eurovision 2019! (Eurovision)