‘If I Was 20 Years Younger, I Wouldn’t Ask You, I Would Just Jump You’


This morning.

At Buswells Hotel in Dublin 2.

Solidarity TD Ruth Coppinger is holding a press conference to raise awareness about sexual exploitation in Dublin’s rental sector.

It follows Ms Coppinger telling the Dáil last week about a woman who was offered free rent by her landlord if they could “agree something”.

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Pics: Aisling Kenny, and Aine McMahon

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26 thoughts on “‘If I Was 20 Years Younger, I Wouldn’t Ask You, I Would Just Jump You’

  1. class wario

    Was looking for places on short notice on daft a few years back and shot off an email about an upstairs room somewhere near Temple Bar. It was only looking for women but said I’d chance it, desperate times etc.

    Got a phonecall back from the landlord (who sounded like a middle aged man) who basically tried to dissuade me from being interested in it, said it was very noisy etc. Also noted it was owner occupied, as if to say why would I want to stay in a house with him! Was quite strange in tandem with the earlier noted requirements in the ad…

      1. some old queen

        Yes- they are lesbians and he was gay.

        A single middle aged man living in the center of Dublin- doesn’t anyone read between the lines anymore?

  2. Optimus Grime

    But what if I am willing to sleep with my landlady? I don’t want Ruth busting in while I’m in flagrante!

        1. Le petit Morter

          Your ‘landlady’… seriously?

          She’s your Mother…
          She let’s you live in her basement…
          Show some respect.

  3. eoin

    the landlord has all the clothes I earlier left in the washing machine “dried, ironed and neatly folded and left by my door”. That’s just evil. Even Hitler wouldn’t have done that sort of thing.

    Also, the landlord who wanted €2,100 a month plus sex from the single mother for a 2-bedroom house. In Dublin 7?

    Seriously, the problem is the housing crisis. If there was a plentiful supply of housing at rates which didn’t eat most of your take-home pay, you wouldn’t have this poo, or if you did, you could find alternatives.

    1. class wario

      i realise you have permanent brain diarrhea but do you think the issue in that particular testimony is that he washed and folded her clothing? really?

  4. millie vanilly strikes again

    My father in law did my washing before for me. He picked it up from our house, washed it, dried it and ironed it and dropped it back to the house. I’m sure he meant well, I really do, and the gesture was not unappreciated.

    However. Practicality reasons first. He washed the clothes in bio detergent which the young wan is allergic to and I then had to redo all the clothes he so kindly washed, which was a pity as it was a nice gesture. Also, I was a bit squicked by the idea of my father in law touching my lacy nothings, even if it is for something like doing a wash.

  5. Slightly Bemused

    I have a room I thought to offer. As I live here, it would be obviously with me present. I have not done so because, while I would have no problem with anyone coming in, I am worried they might have a problem with me. I am a fifty+ male. (I am also a slob, sorry to say, but that is just habit) Anyone is welcome and of course would be safe.

    But would they feel safe? That is the most important bit. What assurances can I give?

    1. Lilly

      People don’t go around the place feeling unsafe. You don’t need to give any assurances; just make sure you let them know you’re a slob.

  6. Spaghetti Hoop

    Shocking stories, but give a pervert power, and this is what happens. A lot of women experience creeps as employers, associates as well as landlords. Oh, and being simply an owner-occupier middle-aged man renting out a room does not automatically make you a creep – its your actions and creepy suggestions. Very worthy campaign highlighted by Coppinger and I hope many more tenants/prospective tenants report this exploitation and not succumb to it silently. People need support when they’re in this situation where their only savings have been surrendered as a deposit and they can’t run.

    There seems to be no ethics or standards in the rental sector at all!

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