Staff at The Currency office; Editor of The Currency Ian Kehoe launching the website this morning; The Currency website

This morning.

Former editor of the Sunday Business Post Ian Kehoe and former business editor of the Sunday Business Post Tom Lyons launched their new subscription-only website The Currency.

You can become a member for €25 a month or €250 a year.

Too rich for our taste but what say you?

The Currency

Pics: Tom Lyons


Denis O’Brien

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10 thoughts on “Converted

    1. Conksi

      the comparing buckets of regurgitated horse manure with something I know nothing about. Very much not the same thing (i hope and pray)

  1. Spud

    I’m just about willing to still buy the Sunday Paper, so this is way too dear.
    Not sure on their pricing market research.

  2. Keith

    Currently on their site:
    Hi there,
    Unfortunately our subscriptions are temporarily down while our service provider resolves the issue. Could we get your email and we’ll notify you as soon as the issue is resolved?

  3. Broadbag

    Shows they have a very high opinion of themselves and no awareness of what people are willing to pay for journalism these days, they’ll be lucky to make the one year anniversary, hope I’m wrong but seems way off price wise.

  4. V

    RTÉ non-exec Director Ian Kehoe ya’ mean

    I expect to see him and Tom Lyons appearing in a lot of Are you staying In etcs here over the next six to twelve months

    well good luck to them, looking at that head count; and not including rent rates utilities and what-have yas’ they’ll need at least 800 subscribers to get them to the October bank holiday
    How long before someone who recently disposed of shares in a media plc comes along

    Maybe Eoin will be able to inform us

  5. eoin

    There’s around 3,000 digital subscribers at the SBP. The SBP sells around 23,000 paper copies. If they can get a wedge of that, they could do alright.

    Nice to see Francesa Comyn resurface after recently leaving the SBP, she’s a sound legal affairs and courts correspondent.

    Good luck to them.

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