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Tanaiste Leo Varadkar

This morning.

Via The Currency:

…It has prompted the Fine Gael leader to ask a simple yet profound question: are we using the right criteria to make far-reaching decisions around restrictions and economic lockdowns?

“What I see other countries doing – Belgium is the most recent example – is that they are no longer using case numbers to make their decisions on restrictions and on policy,” said Varadkar.

“They are looking at hospitalisations, ICU capacity and deaths. It is a job for us as politicians to say to the public health people that maybe we should be focusing on that.

“The objective was to make sure our health service did not get overwhelmed, not to lock down the country and the economy until there was no Covid at all. That is not realistic.”

Better late than never, spose.

Leo Varadkar on keeping businesses alive, pushing back on public health advice and rebuilding relations with the UK (The Currency)

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Property developer Johnny Ronan in Capetown, South Africa

Last night.

Following on from the circulation of a video of property developer Johnny Ronan in Capetown, South Africa…

Tom Lyons, in The Currency, reports:

Johnny Ronan, one of Ireland’s most successful property developers, has apologised after a video went viral in recent days showing him joking with friends three months ago about Covid-19.

The video spread unexpectedly on Whatsapp this week before leaking onto other social media. At the time it was made by double Olympic cyclist Philip Cassidy on February 29, it had been shared only to a small group of friends before somehow it spread more widely.

Cassidy is a friend of Ronan, who is also a keen cyclist, and they were on a cycling trip together in February in Cape Town, South Africa prior to Covid-19 reaching Ireland.

“I’m sorry”: Apology as 3-month old video of developer Ronan joking about Covid-19 goes viral (The Currency)

Yesterday: We’re Back Baby

From top: The Currency; Denis O’Brien; Green Party leader Eamon Ryan; Taoiseach Leo Varadkar

This afternoon.

In the Dáil.

Green Party leader Eamon Ryan raised with Taoiseach Leo Varadkar the recent decision by Denis O’Brien-owned Communicorp – which owns Today FM, Newstalk, Dublin’s 98FM and Spin 1038 – to ban all The Currency staff, journalists, and contributors from appearing on the company’s radio stations.

It follows the implementation of similar ban against Irish Times‘ journalists in 2017.

He said:

“It seems to me that there’s a lacuna on our law. The Broadcasting Authority of Ireland seems unwilling to take action against Communicorp which recently made a decision that certain members of the media, Tom Lyons and Ian Kehoe, from currency.ie [sic, thecurrency.news] will be restricted from taking part in radio programmes on their stations.

“It’s similar to the decision taken two years ago in response to an article Fintan O’Toole wrote which saw The Irish Times’ journalists banned from the stations.

“The recent case they say it because of commercial rivalry.

“I sense, I’ve talked to every grouping here today, is that every party is in agreement that that’s an egregious or has a poor effect on our democracy. We need a free press which is open to debate and allows different voices to be heard.

“And whether it’s for commercial reasons or whether it’s an editorial view of a certain owner – that they mightn’t like what is written in a paper – to ban journalists from radio stations is not what we want.

“To avoid the legislation, could I ask you maybe to join the other leaders and groups of every grouping in this House, to write a letter to Communicorp asking them to reverse the decision in both cases and to stand up for press freedom.

“I’d be keen to hear your views on that so I’d be happy to join the deputy in that.

In response, Mr Varadkar said:

“My sentiments are the same as his [Eamon Ryan’s] on this matter. I believe in free speech and I believe in a free press and I don’t believe anyone should be banned from the airwaves – journalist or citizen – unless it’s for a very good reason.

“And those reasons should be somebody inciting hatred but I don’t think that anyone should be banned from the radio, from TV, or from any publication, solely based on who their employer is.”

The Currency was launched last week by former Sunday Business Post editor Ian Kehoe and business editor Tom Lyons.

Hours after the website went live, Communicorp producers were informed of the ban.

Earlier this year, Mr O’Brien lost a defamation action he took against the Sunday Business Post over articles published in March 2015 about a Government-commissioned but unpublished PricewaterhouseCoopers report into Ireland’s top 22 borrowers.

The newspaper reported that PwC recorded Mr O’Brien as No.10 on the list.

In November 2008, after receiving the PwC report, the then Taoiseach Brian Cowen told the Dáil that Ireland was right to guarantee the banks in September 2008.

He also told the Dáil that there was enough money in Ireland’s banks for the next three years.

Mr O’Brien claimed the articles concerning him in the Sunday Business Post were defamatory of him but the jury found this was not the case.

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Closing Arguments

Staff at The Currency office; Editor of The Currency Ian Kehoe launching the website this morning; The Currency website

This morning.

Former editor of the Sunday Business Post Ian Kehoe and former business editor of the Sunday Business Post Tom Lyons launched their new subscription-only website The Currency.

You can become a member for €25 a month or €250 a year.

Too rich for our taste but what say you?

The Currency

Pics: Tom Lyons


Denis O’Brien

From top: Ian Kehoe and Tom Lyons; job ad for new business and news site The Currency

Former editor and deputy editor of the Sunday Business Post Ian Kehoe and Tom Lyons have begun hiring both ‘experienced and up-and-coming journalists’ for full-time roles at their new website The Currency.

In March, the pair won a momentous defamation victory over businessman Denis O’Brien.

The Currency ad reads:

The Currency is a new online publisher dedicated to quality journalism, focusing on business, finance, economics and public policy. Led by journalists Ian Kehoe and Tom Lyons, The Currency is now looking to recruit both experienced and up-and-coming journalists.

The Currency is a digital subscription-based publisher that is only interested in original content. We believe in putting time into journalism and are not interested in simply following the news. We value and respect our staff and are offering competitive salaries, terms and conditions.

Based in Dublin 2, we are a journalist-owned and journalist-led publisher. While the primary focus is business, The Currency is open to hiring journalists who wish to crossover to covering this field from other areas such as news, crime, law, sport or politics

A little bit like us so.

But with chairs, an air of professionalism and salaries.

*stares at phone*

More here

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