17 thoughts on “Splitter

  1. eoin

    The left wing space in Irish politics is like the cartoon representation of a brawl, a ball of smoke, with fists and kicks flailing. How can they be that fractious? They lost Mick Wallace, followed by Clare Daly and Joan Collins who formed their own Independents4Change. They’re constantly bickering amongst themselves. If they spent all that energy fighting the real enemy, this might be a far better country. Shame, I like Paul, don’t always agree with his positions, but there is a consistency, honesty and principle to them.

    1. Jonboy

      From the looks of it, he parted ways as he wanted to work with other non-socialist parties on the left but the majority of other AAA/Socialists didn’t agree.

      1. Joe Small

        There was also considerable comment that Paul Murphy wanted to stand for the European Parliament but his party refused him his chance.

        1. postmanpat

          Probably jealous of the sweet moola that red phony is raking in and powerful friends in business and politics she is making all the while fielding questions for the anti-vax lobby in Europe. (and all you fanboys down here thought she was the bees knees gushing over her and her hairy crusty ex-business man phony partner whos son she hired as a lapdog) Politicians, they are all the same. Capitalists to the core. Dreaming of political family dynasties.

      1. Harry

        But they are in government and therefore are governing, even if you don’t like the manner in which they are doing so.

        If idealists like Murphy can’t even remain in the same party as someone like Coppinger due to minute differences the chances of them ever forming a government and actually implementing some policies are miniscule.

        So what’s the bloody point then.

        1. :-Joe

          The point you’re probably still looking for is answered in your own statements..

          Murphy wanting to work with other parties in uniting the so-called “left” leaning politicians is not a “minute difference”.

          Idealism vs neo-liberal economics, surveillance(pseudo/fake and failing)capitalism and all that greed, averice and corporate corruption for the past fifty years?…

          If nothing else is on offer, maybe it’s time for you to try some idealism at least for some kind of a change.


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