15 thoughts on “They Are Among Us

  1. class wario

    lads, whats the deal with how the website is loading currently? pages flash up as normal, then go blank bar a few ads, and then reappear a few seconds later. is this an ads thing? makes the site a total chore.

    1. Bodger

      class wario. extremely sorry about this. There is a bug with Chrome and WordPress at the moment. If you have Firefox or another browser it should be fine. Meanwhile, we are working to sort it. Very sorry to you and all affected.

  2. eoin

    “There was a guy
    An under water guy who controlled the sea
    Got killed by ten million pounds of sludge”

    Did he go swimming in Dublin bay, was that it????

    Welcome to Dublin, Pixies!

    1. David j

      The pixies are the best thing since bread came sliced. Surfer Rosa and Doolittle were the soundtrack to my teen years when no one else knew who they were. Now everyone knows them and they have the respect they deserve. The new albums are rubbish though but for the odd song.
      I’m too old to be a hipster, by the way.

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