UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson

This morning.

The Court of Appeal in Belfast rejected an appeal by a Northern Irish rights campaigner against British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Brexit strategy.

Lawyers for Raymond McCord had said that a no-deal Brexit on October 31 would breach the Good Friday peace agreement that ended three decades of violence on the island of Ireland.

However, Declan Morgan, chief justice of Northern Ireland, dismissed the case today, saying “it is not appropriate for this court to examine the possible outcome of the [Brexit] negotiation on the basis of political rhetoric.”

Northern Ireland court dismisses no-deal Brexit challenge (Politco. eu)


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13 thoughts on “Good Friday?

  1. V

    The Good Friday agreement
    Passed by Referendum
    In Northern Ireland 71.1: 28.9 in favour

    (94.4% down here)

    Is Political Rhetoric

    Jesus Christ

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      In fairness I think the judge was referring to an outcome that is still largely unknown but subject to various political flag-flying.

      1. scottser

        is that judge really suggesting that the security services in the uk have no reports whatsoever about the likely impact of brexit on peace in the north? nothing factual to base a case on?
        that judge is a goon.

        1. bisted

          …the judge seems spot on…the judiciary can’t prevent this sham being played out among politicos and the media but they will not allow the court to engage in hypothetical cases…

        2. V

          Shurely be ta’ Christ
          The Judge must have heard of The Yellowhammer Document

          This is a cod
          From top to bottom
          From Remains to Brexiteers
          From Cambridge Analytica to Main Stream paper based bollockology

          No one is winning the arguements
          And nothing is capable of standing up straight
          Or being allowed to perform
          Especially not Democracy, Integrity and Transparency

          Leadership has gone missing
          On both Islands

          We’re all going to get _úcked

          1. martco

            “We’re all going to get _úcked”

            and I reckon it won’t be long till the “suspect devices” start showing up. then we’ll see how smart Bojo, Rees-1837 & Cambridge Analytica are, wha?

        3. Spaghetti Hoop

          It’s still guesswork, this ‘likely impact’.
          81 years ago, September 1938, British PM Neville Chamberlain signed a non-aggression pact with Hitler. That went well.

          1. ReproBertie

            It’s all guesswork. The most likely outcome is Britain’s unelected teaboy Taoiseach being sent crawling back to ask for an extension to be quickly followed by a single issue election.

          2. Spaghetti Hoop

            I wouldn’t give Johnson the honour of the title ‘Taoiseach / Chieftain’. He’s a prime (many things) but let’s stick to PM.
            My Brexit crystal ball says no extension, a crash-out on 31/10 but with a pending deal. Just a hunch based on Johnson’s stubbornness.

  2. eoin

    In the UK, can’t a party [such as Raymond above] make an application to the courts to grant a declaration as to the existence of facts, in this case, that a no-deal Brexit would be incompatible with the Good Friday/Belfast Agreement 1998? Couldn’t a judge consider that sort of application today ahead of a no-Deal event?

    1. V

      I can’t speak to that
      But IMO anyway

      Chief Justice Morgan is duty bound – in the jurisdiction he was presiding on, to observe the existence of the Law that enforces the whole of The Good Friday Agreement
      Not just the bits that serve both Boris and the DUP

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