Something In The Way He Moves


This morning.

Abbey Road, London.

Marty Whelan (top) writes:

Thrilled to bits to be able to bring my original Abbey Road album back to the source at Studio 2, Abbey Road where it was recorded 50 years ago….


This morning.

Liza Geddes writes:

[Dublin’s] Girl Band. Bigger than The Beatles?!

Girl Band

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10 thoughts on “Something In The Way He Moves

  1. Cormac Kinsella

    Is there anything more painful than listening to Marty trying to ape Wogan with his terrible faux English stiff upper lip accent?

    1. Niallo

      He has a great face for radio…
      I cannot stand the man on tv.
      That said, his morning show on lyric has been my constant companion for manys a long year.
      Beats putting up with the cardboard cutout “personalities” on the various other stations, and their “humour”

    1. martco

      30 quid @MaryLou’s?!

      for an original pressing in vgc you’re looking at €500

      (and that’s if you can find one)

  2. shayna

    I lived in Hampstead for a bit, cycled into St. John’s Wood, crossed de-mounted across 100s of times, the crossing, it never occured to me to take a pic? I was also knocked off my bicycle in the same area – David Baddiel in his Nissan Micra – I went over his bonnet, my Hollywood stunt guy training went into play – no it didn’t, and no I haven’t – after I contained my rage – my bike was okay, I’d a cut and bruise here, Baddiel had my whole abstructure on his bonnet. I didn’t do anything, illegally. He agreed. We walked away. I think it may have been a case in London, “We couldn’t be bothered, we had other places to be.”

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