This morning.

The Department of Housing has released the latest homeless figures which show there were  10,345 people (6,490 adults and 3,848 children) living in emergency accommodation in the final week of August.

This represents a decrease of seven adults but an increase of 70 children compared to the final week of July. 

Thanks Inner City Helping Homeless.

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5 thoughts on “10,345

  1. Panty Christ

    Can someone do an analysis of tbt arithmetic on this? 7 less adults but 70 more children.. something is very wrong here.

    1. dav

      it’s as if blushirts have rad “A modest Proposal” and see it as sound economics instead of political satire

  2. eoin

    Does anyone remember, almost exactly a year ago, the story of “Amanda” [not her real name] the girl who was in emergency accommodation in hotel rooms for more than two years and who was finding life very hard as she came up to her Leaving Cert? Here’s a reminder via RTE

    In the aftermath of that story which caused some outrage after it was broadcast on Morning Ireland, there were questions in the Dail and so on, as the penny appeared to drop with some about the scale of human suffering behind these soulless numbers.

    Do you know what else happened after the broadcast? The Department of Housing contacted RTE to find out who “Amanda” really was so that they could offer some additional immediate help. Think about that, an 18-year old in emergency accommodation for more than two years, with her mother, and a younger brother.
    Well, I have the answer for you. You’ll recall that last month,for the first time, the Dept of Housing published a quarterly analyses of Dublin’s emergency accommodation homeless. And buried in that analysis was the fact that 378 kids were in emergency accommodation “for more than 24 months”. How much more than 24 months? THEY DON’T KNOW (I checked). Could there be kids in hotel rooms for six years, for example? Possibly, they’d be very surprised if that were the case but they have no systems to track such details and given there are 378 kids in emergency accommodation for more than two years, it would be easy to lose track.

    Shame on them all, including opposition politicians, especially those with roles on Dublin City Council.

    1. Portroegirl

      Shame on Government also that, despite 5/6 Reports highlighting how homelessness impacts children’s wellbeing, development,etc almost every year, there has been no sense of urgency/emergency response!Very worrying that more and more families particularly children entering homelessness!
      Upon publication of those Reports,what was the Government response?

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