This afternoon.

Buswell’s Hotel, Dublin 2.

Paul Murphy, who left the Socialist Party last week, at a Press Conference to launch his new political grouping, called RISE.

Via The Irish Examiner:

It stands for ‘radical, internationalist, socialist and environmentalist’, and was formed after a split in the Socialist Party.

Mr Murphy is the group’s only elected official and says he will stay within the Solidarity – People Before Profit banner in the Dáil.

Deputy Murphy acknowledges some people will see it as the left fracturing again.

He said: “I will understand people thinking that, to people who are a distance from the left, these debates may seem a bit obscure, I understand that.”

Paul Murphy Launches new Political Party (Irish Examiner)

Leah Farrell/Rollingnews


Above from left: Dave Murphy; Jessy Ni Cheallaigh, Paul Murphy, Kay Keane and Nicole McCarthy

Leah Farrell/Rollingnews

Last week: Splitter!

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41 thoughts on “All Rise

      1. eoin

        You just know, as soon as the posters go up, someone’s going to scribble out the “i” and add an “a” at the start. [Okay, just me so, having previously established it’s not strictly a criminal matter to deface a political poster.]

    1. liam

      Just wonder has any of these RISE guys ever employed a worker?
      As they bring their socialist dreams of state control and a public sector lifestyle for all

      Who actually creates the wealth?

  1. Mr.Fart

    pointless. the combined forces of left wing parties still have them miles off in support. splitting them up makes it even less fruitful.

    1. Rob_G

      Same name as RISE (Rural Independent *Something* *E-something*) too – the Irish version of the Countryside Alliance, all about protecting the right to hunt foxes and course hares.

      1. Brother Barnabas

        website features a photo of a street protest, led by Murphy behind an oversized RISE banner – and those following holding up RISE placards

        hardly photoshopped ?

  2. Cian

    Some of the stuff they stand for is fine, but it goes bat-poo crazy towards the end. For example:

    Nationalise the banking system and the core sectors of the economy currently controlled by major corporations, including construction, natural resources, the big retail chains, logistics, distribution, transport and telecommunications, and run them as part of a democratically planned economy to serve people’s needs not profit.

      1. Cian

        well, actually, yes, I might. I choose who to vote for based on a mix of party policy and personal competence and integrity.

        Gender, sexuality, haircut, attractiveness, age don’t actually rate on my election choices.

    1. A Person

      That’s the left. Don’t produce anything. Don’t contribute. Don’t create. Just hurl on the ditch. And if someone happens to do all of the above, take them over. How many houses have you provided? ZERO. How many of them are jumping up and down about actual affordable housing? ZERO. Good man, Paul, get yourself re-elected on this publicity – but do something? Not a chance.

  3. V

    What are they like
    Another day another left grouping
    At least this one has recognised we’ve run out of letters

    Learn to work with who’s in front of ye FFS

  4. Joxer

    total ballocksology from Murphy … usual crapola cause he didnt like someone elses policy…. publicity stunt…

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