Carlow Weather tweetz:

“Latest [Hurricane Lorenzo] update: The National Hurricane Center track forecast has been adjusted a little to the left to come into better agreement with the latest consensus aids. Although the spread in the models is not as large as it was yesterday, the forecast beyond 48 hours is still of low confidence.”

Met Éireann ‘closely monitoring’ Hurricane Lorenzo (RTE)

Top pic: National Hurricane Center


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15 thoughts on “Unpredictable

      1. Slightly Bemused

        You should aim to have the seed in the ground before the first frost. Generally, preference is late September – early October while there is still growth.

        1. GiggidyGoo

          Ooooh. Sure there’s going to be that new weather forecaster phenomenon ‘grass frost’ in the next day or two. But that’s good, as it won’t be on the roads. It’s not road frost.

    1. Slightly Bemused

      That brings back memories! My first summer job was with a landscape gardener, and I have forgotten how many plots of land I rotovated for a lawn.

      Excellent upper body workout, though!

  1. Jonboy

    “The National Hurricane Center track forecast has been adjusted a little to the left”

    to the left? depends which way you’re looking at I guess.

  2. Chucky R. Law

    That chart says there’s currently a 30% chance of a force 8 gale hitting Mayo. My thoughts and prayers are with them all.

  3. liam

    The latest forcast is rainy periods variation from 1 co to 10 cm followed by gusts varying from force 1 to force 10
    With a possibility of snow or hail
    Cloudy periods and sunny periods
    I think this covers their asses

    Millions of euro spent for this

  4. eoin

    Where would we be with the US weather service, thanks! Meanwhile, we spend €25 million on Met Eireann every year and apart from €250,000 (plus clothing. grooming allowances etc) celebrity weather forecasters who couldn’t forecast a fart in a hurricane, what do we get? Given that weather systems are all satellite based these days, why don’t we just shut Met Eireann down.

  5. liam

    I thought it was just me having a moan
    Each time they constantly get it wrong and thank god we are closed till the spring as I could not take another day of taking lost due to arse covering and finding out we have staff sunning themselves no customers because they heed the warnings given by met hairen and the losses

    So off we now go on our hols without a care in the world

  6. V

    Why are they called such nice names
    Like there Dorian

    That should have been called Hurricane murdering pillaging life wrecker
    Or Storm Scumbag

    Just saying

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