Friscondo writes:

Jesus! Dublin 8, now.


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11 thoughts on “Not Helping

  1. george

    The drivers of these vans often behave badly on the road unfortunately. I once had one pull out from a parking spot as I was cycling past forcing me to swerve. The driver was turned to his left talking to his passenger as he pulled onto into traffic.

      1. Liam Deliverance

        Funny you should mention that, I see them all the time, Pallas truck drivers do not give a flying fupp where they park as far as I can see

  2. Cormac Kinsella

    Proper order. After all it’s us who contribute to this charity, obey parking rules or we’ll stop handing over our cash.

    1. Brian McLoughlin

      Statement from inner City helping homeless for clarification:

      “We have had a number of reports following an article in about our old van being clamped in Dublin 8.

      For clarification this van was traded in as part of a deal for our upgraded vehicles and has not been owned by #ICHH for the last 2 years. The dealer and the new owners were asked on more than one occasion to remove our logos and have continually failed to do so over the past 2 years.

      While some effort has been made our name and logo are still clearly visible unfortunately but as stated we haven’t actually owned this van in 2 years.

      If anyone should see this van acting illegally please report it to your local garda station.”

      Brian McLoughlin – Head of Communications

      1. george

        Time to sue the new owners for abuse of intellectual property and possible violation of laws in relation to registered charities.

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