Nothing Upstairs?


From top: Before and after pictures of a renovated bungalow in Ashford, County Wicklow on last night’s Room To Improve:; Architect Dermot Bannon (centre) flanked by the owners, Nigel and Frances Coffey.

Last night.

On RTÉ One’s Room To Improve.

Architect Dermot Bannon renovated a 1990s bungalow for a couple with five children in Ashford County Wicklow.

Nigel and Frances Coffey’s budget was €450,000..


And how was it for you?

Watch back here

Room To Improve

Earlier: 10,345



This morning.

Aj writes:

RTÉ seem very proud of that show. What a Public Service , eh?

Room to Improve: The best Tweets about the bath, bling and taps (RTÉ)

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24 thoughts on “Nothing Upstairs?

  1. paul

    I would genuinely like to see one of these programmes where they underspend on their build and spend the rest on other stuff.

    “So we spent 200k out of our 400k budget so now we have a pool, paid my Mums mortgage and will get takeaway every night for a few months.”

  2. Qwerty123

    In fairness, it was a complete gutting and rebuild and they built the house over time on free site from her parents initially, so they never had a mortgage.

    20 years later, naturally they had a bit of cash saved, and wanted to spend it on their house.

    I thought they were a nice couple and fair play to them, it turned out well in the end.

    Also, good to see Damien still bitter as ever.

    1. Clampers Outside

      +1 on all that! She spent 30 years as a nurse and he spent as many building a successful company to become VP.

      How dare they work hard and raise a big family! s/

  3. Joe Small

    The guy is Vice President of a pharma company – not exactly Everyman.
    Any sort of a decent renovation now costs €200,000 or more so this programme basically features people who have that much and more in spare change lying around. Not quite the 1% but the top 5% I’d guess.

  4. Pat

    Enjoyed that show. So what if the people had a few quid? The other week yer man in Tipperary had a fraction of the money and was selling the doors off his shed to pay for the building work.

    Twitter boy looking for attention shock

    1. Clampers Outside

      He also sold the porcelain, which I got a laugh out of in that episode! Fair play to him.

      This moaner is just that, a moaner.

      1. GiggidyGoo

        Depends the % on the declining viewership it’s aimed at. Hardly your average homeowner. This and the plethora of globetrotter shows where people have to travel to sample foods with oodles of ‘mmmmm’ sounds are basically rubbing the ordinary, average person’s noses in it.

        1. eoin

          It is RTE’s top rated programme with around 390,000 viewers a week ago which even beat the Late Late’s 370k-odd.

          Separately to this, I’ve just had a begging note from RTE, they’re looking for a new sponsor for the Marian Finucane shows, €220,000 a year. They have their poo.

          1. GiggidyGoo

            The viewer figures are based on RED-C -type enquiries though. Just averaged out based on a very small sample. The type of advertisers they pursue are pursued based on these type of figures – and that’s why they have to ‘produce’ figures like that.

          2. eoin

            The Irish TAM/Nielsen ratings are based on folks at home with a box which measures their viewing habits. The homes with the boxes are supposed to be a representative sample. Knowing Nielsen, I’d say the ratings figures are sound enough.

            Last night’s Room to Improve had an audience of 417,000 which was behind the Late Late on 433,000.

            Also, just had another RTE begging letter, Sean “you’re a taxpayer funded body so you should disclose financial matters” O’Rourke, they want €300,000 for 12 months. If I hadn’t given Marian the poo, they could have it for dyed-in-the-wool and married-it blueshirt Sean.

          3. GiggidyGoo

            From Nielsen Ireland.
            “In-home monitoring is done via the Panel. It is made up of 1,090 homes (approx. 2,700 individuals and 1500 sets). There is a meter attached to every TV set in these homes and all sources connected – Virgin/Sky boxes, games consoles, PVRs, DVRs etc. The meter identifies both channels being watched and the devices used to view.”

            1500 tv sets. 2700 viewers (that’s of course if all in the house are watching the same program) Somehow I doubt that will reflect 360,000 viewers. That’s taking the viewing habit of 1 = the habit of 133 people who watch programs through the tv.

        2. Cian

          Most TV isn’t aimed at the “average” homeowner. Look at MasterChef/Great British bakeoff – not average people. Look at Dancing with stars/X-factor/Great British sign off (or whatever it’s called) not average people.

          TV is there to take us out of the everyday humdrum and allow us dream.

          1. some old queen

            It’s architectural porn- the new money clients want to show it off- tacky but we all hang on for the end result. ALWAYS open plan and floor to glass ceiling for at least two levels- not a soft surface in sight.

            Think of it like that Spanish harp bridge all the TV news have in the background of Dublin – it looks good but we won’t allow anyone to suggest that the reason the Pollution levels along Pearse Street are so high is because it is style over function.

            It cannot carry anywhere near to the level of traffic required.

  5. Lilly

    Anything that rids the countryside of those eyesore bungalows – as in the ‘before’ pic – is fine by me.

    1. scottser

      what’s wrong with latticed windows and doric columns? it’s no more offensive than say, curried spring rolls or a tuna burrito..

    2. Cian

      I dunno. The “after” is horrific too. What are all those upright wooden poles for? and the dormer bit? Why do you want floor to ceiling windows? windows work both ways.. we can see inside your bedroom!!!! close the blinds.

  6. some old queen

    Its quite funny really how Dermot can shoe horn glass walls and open plan living into EVERY SINGLE PROGRAM- looking out at dull wet Irish weather like today? And Dermot doesn’t do privacy it appears.

    In this case 2 parents and 5 noisy kids (plus friends)- all open plan, all hard surfaces- noise echoing everywhere- even the supposed ‘man cave’ had no bloody door.

    How are you even supposed to watch a flat screen TV when the wall is full glass with no blinds? And they’ll need a few quid left over because the heating bill alone would bring tears- and a full time cleaner with all that glass to be wiped daily.

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