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Architect Dermot Bannon and gardener Diarmuid Gavin On RTÉ’s Room To Improve last month

This afternoon.

Madeleine Lyons, in The Irish Times, reports:

Celebrity architect Dermot Bannon has come a cropper with Dublin City Council over his own high-profile extension, which was the subject of a recent RTÉ series.

The target of the council’s ire is the rear garden structure under which Bannon famously shared an outdoor bath with celebrity gardener Diarmuid Gavin.

While a bumper Sunday night viewing audience watched the two chat in the (unfilled) bath under a moonlit sky, eagle-eyed council staff were drawn instead to the structure that Bannon fashioned at the end of his Drumcondra garden…

Planners probe Dermot Bannon’s garden bath den (Madeleine Lyons, The Irish Times)

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Last night.

On RTÉ’s Room To Improve, gardener Diarmuid Gavin, above right, teased architect Dermot Bannon, above left, about having pampas grass in his garden.

On the show, Mr Bannon is renovating a property he bought for him and his family in Drumcondra, Dublin 3, and the final results of the makeover will be revealed on RTÉ One next Sunday night.

Pampas grass?

In 2017, the UK Independent reported:

Pampas grass sales have plummeted due to their particular sexual connotations.

Once a common plant outside suburban houses, pampas grass became known as a sign that the residents were swingers.

The plant, native to South America, serves as a signal to passers-by.


Maeve O’Hair, in Tipperary, tweetz:

Morto here after Diarmuid Gavin‘s revelations on Room To Improve with Dermot Bannon. Full frontal pampas grass and I as innocent as the day is long…

Pampas grass sales drop due to swinging connotations (UK Independent, May 2017)

From top: Before and after pictures of a renovated bungalow in Ashford, County Wicklow on last night’s Room To Improve:; Architect Dermot Bannon (centre) flanked by the owners, Nigel and Frances Coffey.

Last night.

On RTÉ One’s Room To Improve.

Architect Dermot Bannon renovated a 1990s bungalow for a couple with five children in Ashford County Wicklow.

Nigel and Frances Coffey’s budget was €450,000..


And how was it for you?

Watch back here

Room To Improve

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This morning.

Aj writes:

RTÉ seem very proud of that show. What a Public Service , eh?

Room to Improve: The best Tweets about the bath, bling and taps (RTÉ)

The first episode of the new series of Room to Improve starts Sunday, at 9.30pm on RTÉ One.

Gareth Naughton writes:

Country music legend Daniel O’Donnell and his wife Majella share a large four-bed detached home in Kincasslagh, west Donegal. Unlike Daniel, who’s fairly happy with the place, Majella is keen to upgrade and reconfigure the interior. With her husband on tour, she’s determined to get the very best from her architect.


Home makeover show Room To Improve, presented by architect Dermot Bannon returned last week for its tenth season on RTÉ One.

Aine Kerrigan writes:

Room To Improve is available to watch live and on demand on RTÉ Player. Watch extracts from Dermot’s most memorable moments along with the full episode from each clip in a very special Room to Improve Collection now on RTÉ Player INCLUDING (above) from last season ‘the one with the concrete wall’ as jet-lagged long haul pilot, Ian, remains unconvinced about Dermot’s vision to build a massive concrete feature wall in an attempt to put a contemporary stamp on a 1930’s home in Drogheda…

Room To Improve Collection (RTÉ Player)