8 thoughts on “Cliffsanger

  1. Chucky R. Law

    My somewhat dubious maths skills reckon that €172 per tonne of flour adds about 1c to the cost of 2 slices of bread. How much does a sambo cost in RTE?

  2. liam

    Can you imagine if a sandwich soars in price everything else will

    As for flour we produce flour and import it from the EU states like France Italy Germany

    More scaremongering
    We should be looking at the fact Ireland could become an international hub which has pre existing treaties that were signed into EEC laws when we joined with the UK just like all the pre existing treaties between France and its ex colonies or Spain or Portugal with theirs

    If they left then they too would revert to pre EEC status

    Its time this fear mongering shops as it dose massive damage

    There was life before the EU and there will be life after
    Its time government got off their backsides and did what we pay our taxes for not spread fear and create a post brexit atmosphere of hatred and bickering

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