20 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In Kilmainham

  1. scottser

    i am currently embroiled in a dispute with my neighbours over a boundary tree. i am praying for a divine intervention like this..

    1. martco

      In case it’s any remote use to you @scottser….

      I had one such exact experience like this in my life
      it involved a dangerous bstrd Robinia tree…the yoke was rotten (I could shove my arm into it) but the neighbours who we haven’t spoken to since (there were other similar themed matters) just would not listen or be reasonable, letters flew, they got the council involved, ugh.

      now fortunately for me a run of the old school ESB street powerlines (4x bare copper) ran right past/through it & I noted how during one of the heavier storms in September it tugged & pulled on the lines causing some arcing to occur at the pole. I managed to nail some pics & rang the ESB emergency crew who were out fast & agreed it had caused damage to the couplers & the line tension for the whole street, I also showed them the rot & explained some histories. The friendly engineer agreed it was way too dangerous, made a call & within 6 hours the tree was deleted, case closed. A pole & the lines were also replaced for the newer type.

      Anyway what I learned that day is the ESB are masters of the universe when it comes to this kind of matter, untouchable. If they say a tree goes, it goes.

      The neighbours subsequently went ballistic even as I tried to explain what had happened & showed them a disc of the rot. To this day I wouldn’t pss on them if they were on fire ;)

      longshot but if there’s any powerlines nearby see if you can leverage them atall..

    2. some old queen

      Have you consulted a tree surgeon scot- a real one I mean not a butcher- it is surprising what they can do- could be your answer?

  2. Pip

    Yikes. Pass that way most evenings.
    A repeat of the Baggot St/Waterloo Rd incident, but thankfully no casualties.

    1. paul

      sometimes high wind can make thin but long cracks in branches and trunks, coupled with lots of rain and the weakened branches get full of water, get heavy and can just crack even hours after any rainfall. Crazy how nature do dat.

  3. eoin

    Watch out. I don’t know what’s happened over the past week but the local woods are full of downed branches and slices of tree. Was it all the rain being the final straw for dried/cracked trees?

      1. george

        I’d rather there wasn’t a knee jerk reaction unless there is an explanation as to why it might be likely to happen to another tree.

        Trees don’t tend to kill many people aside from those who ignore warnings about driving in storms.

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