A Day At The Park


Members of the Tuam Mother and Baby Home Alliance with President Michael D Higgins’ Aide de Camp Sgt John Grennan (pic 3 and above back far left) at Aras an Uachtarain yesterday


Aras an Uachtarain, Phoenix Park, Dublin

Breeda Murphy writes:

While our President was away (in America); his able staff were hosting a reception for members of the Tuam Mother and Baby Home Alliance.

Sergeant John Grennan together with the Aras pets; Brod and Sioda made us feel most welcome.

We enjoyed afternoon tea upon arrival while Sgt Grennan provided background and history of the house. We were then treated to a guided tour and spent some time in the newly refurbished Visitor Centre which holds historical data, gifts, artefacts, etc.

In attendance were two survivors; former Irish Army members, Michael O’Flaherty and PJ Doran both of whom had served overseas.

Survivor Joe (pic 3) who did not enjoy the same opportunity had a word with Sgt Grennan From the image you’ll see Joe engaging in his usual banter – ‘wouldn’t I look good in that jacket’ ….

Brod and Sioda joined in the fun; wagged their tails in approval and barked their appreciation as we walked the grounds.They were treated to some cuddles and attention.

They are BIG! And as it had been wet just before they seemed to have enjoyed the drizzle which sparkled on their coats….

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10 thoughts on “A Day At The Park

  1. eoin

    Why was Galway man Michael Higgins missing in action for this event? “Sioda and Brod joined in the fun”. Great, where was the €325,000 head of state, and why was his public support not on show?

      1. eoin

        Ah right, did that unavoidable engagement in NY crop up at the very last minute, leaving the Tuam campaigners to make do with the dogs and a junior army officer?

          1. Bodger

            Via Breeda Murphy:

            ‘We were aware a few weeks ago when invited that the President would not see us. Sgt Grennan assured us of the welcome upon arrival and listened attentively to those who spoke to him briefly of their lives. He was very interested and told us of meeting with survivors previously at the Aras.

            ‘When one considers the Magdalene women’s day at the Aras, many of whom were incarcerated due to their unmarried motherhood status it is inconceivable that survivors – in many instances the children they gave birth to – are not afforded due recognition within the State – in Leinster House where they are referred to as ‘residents or former residents’ – they were babies, toddlers and children. They did not have the capacity to fend for self. And in the Aras.

            Similarly for survivors of industrial schools who were recognised and invited to an event at the Aras. I expect in due course our members together with survivors from all mother and baby homes will be duly accommodated – hopefully sooner rather than later.

            Thank you to all readers and commenters for supporting our quest for justice.’

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