Save Yourselves


Swirly things!!

This afternoon.

National Emergency Co-ordination Group (NECG) meeting.

Head of Forecasting at Met Éireann Evelyn Cusack (top) and Minister for Housing, Planning and Local Government Eoghan Murphy (above) briefing the media ahead of Storm Lorenzo as it progresses across the Atlantic.

Earlier: Status Update

Sam Boal/Rollingnews

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29 thoughts on “Save Yourselves

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      Information packs include how to ensure quinoa and kale are available in your local morkesh and emergency out of hours offies with prosecco – or cava at a push.

      Anyone beyond Dublin’s south side is focked.

      1. Slightly Bemused

        Not always exactly true. In the Pacific, storms can have a couple of names. Not exactly renaming, but being assigned more than 1 name by the different authorities.

        For example, Typhoon Haiyan that hit the Philippines in 2013 was so named by the Joint Typhoon Warning Centre, but was named Super-Typhoon Yolanda by the Philippines authority PAGASA. Caused a lot of confusion for a while.

          1. ReproBertie

            I think we should make a point of using Irish names the Brits can’t pronounce: Aodh, Blathnaid, Caolaoinn, Dearbhaile, Eabha, Feidhlim, Granuaile, Iarthliath, Lugh, Medb, Naoise, Orflaith, Prionsias, Ruaidrí, Sadhbh, Tiernan,

          2. some old queen

            No- definitely Eoghan.

            RTE reports: Eoghan swept in and blew a lot of hot air over a cold landscape and then- 10% of the nation were homeless.

            Sounds about right.

    1. eoin

      Unfortunately, between the clothing allowance for the wee stumpy one with no dress sense and media training for the one above and training in how to smile for Gerry Murphy, alas, Met Eireann didn’t have any budget left to pay the satellite companies for imaging so no, they can get the next couple of hours right, based on local measurements but they’re useless with big weather events.

  1. eoin

    It’s not just the wind and the potential for trees to be knocked over, our water tables are completely full. If the volume of rain which reputable forecasters are saying will fall between tomorrow and Sunday materialises, we’ll have unbelievable widespread flooding.

    1. Slightly Bemused

      Time to batten down the hatches and stock up on the Three Bs: Bread, Booze and Bogroll!

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